Is Bonnie Wright Married? Get Details Here

Bonnie Wright, Harry Potter Star, is 29 years old and still single. After expressing her feelings in a teen movie, Bonnie begins to discover at an amazing speed! First, she became the lover of her co-star, they got engaged, broke up and then Bonnie started looking for other prospects. As the only daughter of a famous jeweler, Bonnie Wright must have spent her life learning how to pitch herself. Despite this, she managed to audition as a member of the Harry Potter series and was given the role of a main character in this film. . Going out on her own to discover her own path at a young age turned out to be just what she needed, and did it help her find a husband? Join us in uncovering the mystery of Bonny Wright’s relationship.

Fast facts about Bonnie Wright


Hey, take a look here and know these Bonnie Wright basics – if not for the sake of knowledge, at least for bragging!

Bonnie Wright Bio

Bonnie Wright was born on February 17, 1991 in London, England, United Kingdom as Bonnie Francesca Wright. She is 29 years old as of February 2020. Bonnie is the second child of famous rich jewelers, Gary Wright and Sheila Teague. They own the Wright and Teague jewelry company in London. Bonnie’s only other sibling is older than her and his name is Lewis Wright. Thanks to his encouragement, Bonnie auditioned for a role in Harry Potter. She was accepted to the London College of Communication, which matched her passion for acting and the visual arts. Besides acting, writing and directing movies, Bonnie Wright is also passionate about equal rights for all and protecting the environment. She also advocates against poverty. Her co-star, Emma Watson, is her best friend. In her spare time, Bonnie enjoys singing, dancing, surfing, playing the piano and soccer. Nicole Kidman remains her favorite actress even though she is currently developing her modeling career.

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Bonnie Wright’s Body Stats

Bonnie has never been large, and from 2011 to 2013, she had an active modeling career. This means a more rigorous body watch for her. However, born in the UK Aquarius weighs 53kg and has a height of 5ft 6 inches. Her body measurements are 33-24-34. Her bra size is 32A and her shoe size is 7.5 (US).

Bonnie Wright Career

Bonnie began her acting career with the role of Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series. Her Ginny Weasley played such an important role in the series that Bonnie appeared in all six Harry Potter films, including the final two Harry Potter films and the Deathly Hallows, which were released in 2010. and 2011. Besides the Harry Potter films that ran from 2002 to 2011, Bonnie Wright appeared in other films such as Stranded (2002), The Sea (2013), After the Dark (2013) and Before I Sleep ( two thousand and thirteen). Added to that are How (Not) to Rob a Train (2014), Sweat (2015), Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg (2015). Likewise, Bonnie Wright has starred in the recent films A Christmas Carol (2018) and My Dad is a Scrooge (2014). Like many successful actresses, Bonnie also starred in television shows. She starred in television shows such as The Replacements (2007) and The Who Wander (2014) unreleased. In addition, for the four video games of the current Harry Potter series, Bonnie voices the character Ginny Weasley – her character from the original Harry Potter series. With bigger dreams than acting, Bonnie Wright also directs and produces films. She wrote and directed Separate We Come, Separate We Go (2012) and Know Thyself (2014). She also directed Sextant (2016), Medusa’s Ankles (2018) and Phone Calls (2017).

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Achievements and Net Worth

Read more: Who is hayden summerall’s girlfriend Harry Potter is such a gorgeous film that all the characters deserve medals for making people truly believable. Not everyone in a movie gets an award for their role. However, Bonnie Wright received the Empire Awards UK for her performance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows (Pt 2). She has been nominated several times for the Empire’s Best New Comedy Actress award. She placed 2nd in Portrait Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30s and 35th Most Stylish Women in 2010. Furthermore, Bonnie ranked 5th in Portrait Magazine with its Celebrity Favorites list. fans in 2008. & My Film Award at the Children’s Bafta Awards. She is currently valued at $12 million, which is a fortune accumulated through modeling, film production and commercials in the Febreeze show. Oh, don’t forget that she’s an ambassador for the fashion organization, Madeby.

Bonnie Wright’s Relationship

The male and female protagonists who used to be so close in movies tend to prolong their attachment to reality and even have romantic relationships. That’s as true of Mr and Mrs’ Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as it is of Bonnie Wright and her Harry Potter and Deathly Harrow co-star Jamie Campbell Bower. Bonnie and Jamie dated for a while then split over a year after getting engaged. She and Simon have been together since 2013 and interestingly, Simon Hammerstein is 13 years older than Bonnie. Currently, the two are enjoying being together. Get to know Bonnie Wright better when you follow her on Instagram!

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Not many people know that the child actress who turned to be a photo model is a lover of pink, blue and purple colors. In addition, she is a passionate traveller, having traveled to countries such as Australia, Spain, India, Italy and others. I love that she is also a catwalk model and is starting her own production company called BonBon Lumiere. Now engaged, we wish her a lifetime of happiness and may her dreams come true! Read more: Who is dating Pitbull now? | Top Q&A

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