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Increased venous return is a common benefit obtained with massage. Venous return is the rate at which blood returns to the heart. A variety of massage therapies increase the return of veins using a variety of techniques to help push blood in the direction of the heart. Increased venous return can increase relaxation and reduce tension in a person’s body and can be used to help in a variety of circumstances. Our massage therapists at use massage to enhance venous repair to reduce pain, increase relaxation, and prepare a person for activity.

What is increased venous return?


Venous resuscitation is the rate at which blood flows back to the heart. Blood is transported back to the heart through the inferior and superior vena cava. As venous return increases, the elimination of metabolic waste products in the body also increases. This is because blood is circulated around the body more efficiently, eliminating wastes more quickly. Muscles also gain energy as venous return increases. As more blood is returned to the heart, this blood can be reoxygenated and distributed to all working muscles, providing them with a boost of oxygen and nutrients. Deep, longitudinal flush movements are used to increase venous return. The movements are done in the direction of the heart so that blood can be pushed through the vessels to the heart.

What are the benefits of increased venous return?

There are many benefits to be gained as the return of the veins increases. The benefits of increased venous return include:

  • Relationship
  • Reduce stress
  • Increased vasodilation

The return of the vein can increase relaxation. Increased venous return also increases blood circulation. Increased circulation helps increase muscle temperature. Increased muscle temperature increases tissue elasticity and flexibility to reduce tension. Relieves tension, relieves pain and increases feelings of relaxation. As circulation increases with the return of veins, the amount of healthy oxygen and nutrients delivered to the muscles also increases. A boost of healthy oxygen and nutrients can help repair damaged muscles and also reduce muscle fatigue. Repairing damaged muscles and reducing muscle fatigue can also contribute to pain relief for an added sense of relaxation. Stress reduction is a benefit obtained as venous return increases. A muscle strain is where the muscles in the body contract after a workout and don’t relax. When the return of the veins is increased, an improvement in blood circulation occurs. More efficient blood circulation allows the muscles to increase in temperature, allowing them to stretch and relax. Loosening the muscles will bring them out of the contraction and help them relax. Relaxed muscles help relieve stress. Increasing venous return may help increase vasodilation. Vasodilation is where the muscles lining the inside of blood vessels relax, allowing the vessels to widen. As the blood vessels widen, an increased amount of blood can pass through them. Increased blood flow through the vessels promotes more efficient blood circulation. More efficient circulation helps maintain strong muscles.

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What techniques are used to increase venous return?

A variety of techniques are used to increase venous return. The most common techniques used include:

  • Effleurage
  • Deep look
  • Lymphatic drainage

The effort can help enhance the return of the vein. Attempts are made using flat hands and fingers. A firm pressure is used, in the direction of the heart. Effleurage enhances circulation around the body and relaxes muscles. Increased circulation means increased blood flow to the heart. Enhancing the return of veins through flushing can help relieve muscle tension and also promote stronger muscles by increasing the amount of blood being circulated throughout the body. Deep strokes are used to help increase venous return. Deep strokes are performed along the muscles, where a deep and firm pressure is placed on the person with flat hands and fingers. Deep strokes, like the steam release, help increase muscle temperature and circulation. Muscle tension is further reduced as the massage movements allow the massage therapist to go deeper into the muscles. Because stiffer, deeper pressure is used, more blood is pushed through the veins toward the heart, increasing venous return. Lymphatic drainage is a technique used to increase venous return. Lymphatic drainage is a technique used to improve the flow of the lymphatic system. Following trauma or conditions such as lymphedema, an increase in swelling occurs at the site of injury. Swelling is caused by excess fluid that builds up to protect the area from further damage. Directional swipes are used in the lymphatic drainage system using the thumb. Lymphatic drainage increases blood and lymph flow to reduce swelling and increase healing. As more fluid exits the body, the increased blood flow results in the return of the veins. Clients receive a relaxing thigh massage at the Manchester Physio Clinic

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In what situations would increased venous return help?

Increased venous return can help in many cases. Situations when increased venous return helps include:

  • Previous Events
  • Stress
  • Postoperative

Increased venous return can help pre-event. Increased venous return increases the amount of blood returning to the heart for reoxygenation. The oxygenated blood is then delivered to the muscles around the body. The more venous return increases, the more oxygen is delivered to the muscles. Increases oxygenated blood flow to the muscles that fuel them, boosting energy for the upcoming event. Increased venous return also increases muscle temperature. Increasing muscle temperature allows the muscle to relax to reduce tension and increase range of motion. Increasing range of motion is essential before the event because it reduces the risk of injury during short bursts of movement. Tension can be alleviated with increased venous return. Stress can be expressed both physically and mentally. As the return of the veins increases and helps relieve muscle tension, tension in the muscles is also relieved so that they relax. Allowing muscles to relax also reduces pain. Reducing pain can help reduce mental stress because a person can relax mentally without being stimulated by tense, tight muscles. Increased venous return can help after surgery. Surgery can have bad effects on a person’s body. Enhanced venous repair encourages more efficient circulation to help provide injury sites with a boost of oxygen and nutrients, which are needed for the repair of damaged tissues and cells. Increased venous regurgitation can also help reduce tension and muscle tension that occurs as a result of surgery. Constraints and stress can increase a person’s feelings of pain and discomfort. As the blood supply to the muscles increases, their temperature increases allowing their elasticity and flexibility to also increase. Increasing the elasticity and flexibility of muscle tissue helps to relieve tension and tension, which helps to relieve pain and thereby relieve some of the symptoms caused by surgery.

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Venous return is the rate at which blood returns to the heart. Increased venous return has many benefits including increased relaxation, reduced tension and increased vasodilation. Many techniques including deep stroke, lymphatic drainage, and flushing are used to increase venous return and help pre-event, stress, and post-surgery. Our masseuses at use massage to enhance venous return to help relieve pain, relieve tension and increase relaxation.

How can I arrange a sports massage?

The easiest way to arrange a sports massage at is to email us at [email protected] or call us on 0334390000. Also, if you have any questions Any questions, please contact us. We offer a 7-day service and offer home and clinic appointments.

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