Extract Multiple RAR Files in One Click Detailed

Extract multiple RAR files in one click DetailsSummary:- Here in this article, we will discuss how to extract multiple RAR files in one click. To save time and minimize the effort of decompressing each RAR file, users can read the detailed steps below to learn how to batch extract rar files. . Compression tools bridge the gap and make it possible to share multiple files as a single file. Many compression tools allow users to merge files into a single storage i.e. RAR file. These files not only make data management easier, but also make file sharing relatively faster. Therefore, let’s start learning how to extract multiple RAR files from different folders. The following steps explain the simplest procedure to extract a RAR file on your computer.

  • Save or locate your RAR file on your machine.

TIP: On a Windows machine, downloaded RAR files can be in the Document Library’s Downloads folder or a specified user folder.

  • Open the RAR file:
    • Run the WinRAR tool, go to the File menu and click Open. This will allow you to browse and open the archive of your choice

    • Find the RAR file, right click it and click Open with WinRAR to view the contents of the archive
  • Open with WinRAR

    • Select all the content inside the RAR file or select the desired ones by holding down CONTROL key during selection and right click to select exploit right to buy


    • Customize the extraction process with the options provided.

    Customize Extract

    • Apply advanced customization

    Apply advanced customization

    • Provide a destination path or create a path to save the output
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    destination pathClick Okay to begin

    • Cross-check extracted results in specified directory

    extracted outputWe have all extracted countless files and folders from a single archive. We also repeated the process for multiple RAR repositories. However, most of us don’t know how to extract multiple RAR files into one or each individual folder. If you are still wondering how to do it, follow the given steps and learn the easiest way to extract multiple RARs. To decompress multiple RAR files at once, first run the WinRAR tool.

    • Choose multiple RAR . files archives to extract.

    select all repositories

    • Click Extract button.
    • Specify destination to decompress multiple RAR files.
    • Click Okay and WinRAR will decompress the archives immediately.

    definite destination pathAnother way to unpack multiple archives is explained below.

  • Find the repository on your machine and select them all.
  • Right click on any one of the repositories.
  • From the list of options, select ‘Extract each archive into separate folder‘ and WinRAR will unzip the archives in the same folder.
  • Extract each rar archive into separate folderThe output can be checked later at the destination path specified at extraction time:Case 1Case 1Case 2Case 2Once you know how to decompress more than one RAR file at once, you automatically know how to decompress each archive separately. This procedure is very easy to execute and is only integrated in WinRAR, but not many people are familiar with it.

    What is a RAR file?

    A RAR file is an archive that is the native format of the WinRAR archive engine. These containers consist of one or, in general, multiple files that are merged in a compressed form. If you have a RAR file or happen to download it from the web, the file needs to be decompressed to use the stored content. So the RAR file needs to be decompressed/unzipped for the content to be usable.The last wordAlthough the integration option is available, some users still don’t know how to extract multiple RAR files from different folders. This guide explains in detail the decompression procedure for both a single archive as well as multiple corresponding archives.

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