How Tooka’s Death Still Reverberates in Rap Today

Chicago is easily one of the most popular cities in the United States, but unfortunately, all of its fame has not gone well. Gun violence in Chicago has become an increasingly pressing issue over the past few decades, and many lives have been lost in the city due to gang disputes and other melees. Shondale Gregory, better known as Tooka, was one of many people who were tragically murdered in Chicago. In 2012, Tooka was shot and killed while at a bus stop. Although Tooka was not a rapper, his death had a profound impact on many rappers from the Chicago area. Keep reading to see how Tooka’s death still affects rap music.

Who is Tooka?


To understand how Tooka has influenced hip-hop, you first need to understand who Tooka is. Born and raised in Chicago, Tooka was a member of a local gang called the Gangster Disciples (GD). This gang was founded in the late 60s by two street legends Larry Hoover and David Barksdale. Hoover was formerly the leader of a gang called the Supreme Gang and Barksdale was the leader of the Black Disciples. Although these two groups came together is how GD was founded, in the years since GD and Black Disciples have become deadly rivals. When Tooka was shot down at the bus stop, his death sparked the killing of a rival gang member, Odee Perry. Both murders caused a stir even outside of the Chicago area due to the level of violence and the age of the victims.

How Tooka’s Death Affects Rap

Chief Keef

Read more: Who is Joseph Sikora’s wife? All About His Marriage and Relationships :ooka may not be a rapper, but his name has been lost on so many rap songs that MoSlidez has labeled him “the one to be respected.” most in the history of rap music”. Tooka’s disrespect in music began with Chicago chief rapper Keef. Keef is known to be remembered for the Black Disciples, a group that has been affiliated with the gang that Tooka belongs to for decades. At the beginning of his career, Keef disrespectfully mentioned Tooka’s name in several lines, including the song “3hunna” in which he rapped, “F**ka Tooka gang b**ch” I’m 3hunna”. Sheriff Keef continued to eliminate Tooka on several other tracks over the years.

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King Von

Another rapper who endorsed Tooka was the late Dayvon Bennett, AKA King Von. King Von began to attract attention with his music in 2019 when he released a mixtape called Grandson Vol. 1. He quickly became one of the most talked about rising stars in Chicago and his gritty lyrics resonated with a lot of people. . However, it has been confirmed that King Von is a member of the Black Disciples, a rival to the gang that Tooka once joined. It’s unclear if the two ever had any personal issues with each other, but when King Von released a song called “How I Rock (Tooka Pack)”, it became clear that he had no respect for Tooka or its heritage. In the song, King Von raps: Read more: who does greta van susteren marry | Top Q&A “Drop some, everyone exclaims,” Von, drop some stuff” But I can’t, since all the opps are dead, it’s hard to drop some ‘Smokin’ stuff on this Tooka pack and it’s big as fuck Foenem caught Tooka ass gettin ‘Get off the bus, I know Tooka is mad, he’s probably tired of us. But when I die, find Tooka’s ass and I’ll beat them up’ Some couldn’t believe Von wouldn’t respect his legacy while others weren’t surprised at all. Sadly, King Von was shot dead in Atlanta in November 2020. He was only 26 years old then.

Tooka’s Impact on Rap Outside of Chicago

Between Chief Keef and King Von, Tooka’s name was mentioned so often that even rappers from other parts of the country started saying his name. In a freestyle song, New York native Young MA rapped “smokingin’ hookah as if it were Tooka”. The young MA girl later apologized for using his name in the inscription and admitted that she never knew him. Tooka’s mother finally spoke up and asked everyone to stop using it.

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Tooka’s Legacy

For years, people have been saying Tooka’s name without even knowing who he is. It got to the point where members of his gang threatened to retaliate against those who dropped his name in their music. As more and more people became aware of his legacy, people outside of Chicago became more and more mindful of disrespecting his name.

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