Video In honor of how to level up quickly Disclaimer: I won’t talk about how much XP you get from orders. That’s obvious and superfluous, and if you don’t even fulfill your order, you clearly don’t care about maxing out your XP. Thousands of XP per day, just completing quests doesn’t usually cost you more than a few games, and you can keep track of 3 games at once. If you haven’t fulfilled your command, resolve to change that before reading on. As Honor has been around for a long time, there has never been a better time than now to join in, first or otherwise. There are more possible characters than ever and most of the content the game has ever offered, be it game modes, maps or cosmetics from swatches/color palettes to execution. newer to the game or you are an old player trying to keep up, how do you get up from the lower reps as fast as you can? What’s the fastest way to make sure the three-digit number is placed in the proud white wreath? Let’s explore together.

First and foremost, Champion Status


This is an almost obvious tip when completing your order. However, even on 300 and 400 reputation, I see too many players not using champion status. Not using champion status is the next level of inefficiency below not executing your order. Seriously, if you don’t have champion status, GET CHALLENGE STATUS. Literally 40% personal XP gain, stacking (once, 20%) with other players, each round earning XP, regardless of settings (PVP, PVAI, Solo PVAI). It’s more than worth the cost of steel (especially since leveling up gets you steel, 100 for each reputation level gained). Just make sure you buy as much as you can (e.g. buy for a month instead of a week) or only buy on weekends when you’ll be playing the most. Both strategies are possible.

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XP Boost

Read more: get closer to someone you barely know Aside from Champion Status, make sure to use your Daily XP Boost. They stack up pretty nicely, giving you a fixed bonus of 250 XP (50 XP for teammates, stackable, with a max bonus of 400 XP for the whole team using XP) Boosts). you use them (with a daily reset price). The price per XP Boost until reset is as follows:

  • 1500
  • 2: 1000
  • 3: 3000
  • 4: 8000
  • 5 or more: 15000

As you can see, this means that the most viable strategy is to stop at around 3 (maybe 4) XP Gains per day. Rescues are NOT hard to come by when you have a character that is constantly earning higher level gear to dismantle (in fact, for most players, rescues become so commonplace that it’s worthless before reached representative 100). This will happen to you at a brisk rate if you have Champion Status (because ANOTHER THING the essential item gives you is the reduced extra loot, meaning more scraps) for you). just getting started, the fastest way to get it is to claim a leveled character at rep 8 and play 4v4 game modes with an active Champion Status. Characters in rep 8 will always only drop Legendary (turquoise) gear when completing matches, and each Legendary piece gives you no less than 105 and up to 145 rescues on dismantling. However, until you get a character to rep 8, salvage can be hard to come by a lot at once (even if you’re just spending it on the only thing you should be mostly used to: XP Boosts) ), so make sure to be smart and buy only 1, maybe 2 increments per day until you can get more at once. the following cases:

  • 2 or 3 other teammates are using XP Boosts (again, they stack)
  • You will complete the order within that time
  • You’ve filled all your orders, you have loads of lifesavers lying around, and you haven’t used any XP boosts that day
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New character upgrade

Now simpler. You may not know this, but leveling up a character below rep 1 is faster than every rep after that. To be precise, it takes 26555 XP to hit rep 1 and 33000 XP to hit each rep after that. If you have any characters that haven’t hit rep 1 and you want to gain more overall fame, level up new characters until they hit rep 1. Not only will this give you rep. Quick overview, it will unlock all character feats and teach you some basics of how to play every character, making you a better player overall.defaultgearRead more: How to make pitches faster and more accurately You don’t even have to spend time making them look good. Just upgrade them.

What game mode to grind XP with?

Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for: which game mode offers the most XP in the shortest amount of time? Answer: Breach and Dominion. Both win the most XP for their time investment. Also, since XP is awarded based on the time of matches, Breach is a great option if you have the time (and the patience to match). Dominion also works well, as you trade match length for higher match volume.Report violations


  • Get Champion Status
  • Use your Daily XP Boost
  • Level up new characters
  • Crush with Breach and Dominion

With that, you should be much better equipped to quickly rise through the fame ranks. Happy grinding!

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