kingdom come deliverance how to clean sword

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has resonated with gamers who want the perfect blend of realism and medieval gameplay. Every aspect of the world demands your attention and requires you to treat it as if you were in the real world, and this includes your clothes and weapons. Unlike Skyrim in VR, where you can get away with being covered in blood, the people of Kingdom Come: Deliverance want you to look your best, so it’s important to know how to clean your clothes and weapons.

How to clean clothes and weapons

Cleaning your clothes is a simple process, but there are two ways you can do it: clean them yourself or take them to the bathroom to wash them. Washing your own clothes is obviously the cheaper option, but that means you have to find a stream or a trough and do a quick wash. It will not give you the best results and is not good for the durability of your clothes.

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Read more: How to fish tusk from the shore Alternatively, you can visit a local bathhouse and have the maids wash your clothes, and they’ll even bathe you if you want to wash up clean. The reason for this laundry is that people will respect you more if you are nice and clean. It’s a good idea to keep a spare set of clothes in your chest or on you to change into after a battle, just in case you need to talk to anyone.Gaming headset maker Turtle Beach offers tips on how to clean clothes and weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.Read more: How to make almond oil Cleaning up the blood on your weapon is a bit trickier, as you can’t dip your sword in a river to wash away the blood of your enemies. To clean your weapon, take it to the blacksmith and find a sharpening stone. This process not only sharpens your blade, it also removes dirt from your battles. You can always pay a blacksmith to do this for you, but as a blacksmith’s son, do it yourself! Looking good in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is just as important as knowing how to fight. The nicer and cleaner you look, the more you’ll sway when you talk to the people of Bohemia – it’s a battle of its own. If you find yourself looking a little shabby, take the time to wash your clothes and weapons. tell a broker friend that you have chosen someone else

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