8 Effective Ways to Get Someone Stop Texting You

We all own phones and at some point we receive unsolicited text messages from stalkers, secret admirers and even sometimes, our friends. ! It’s annoying and annoying when someone is constantly texting you but you just don’t feel them. At times, they can be endless obstacles that test your patience. It mostly happens when the person texting you likes you or is already in love with you, but you lack a general feeling about them. Here are some tips on how to get someone to stop texting you without being rude.

How do I stop someone from texting?


Several studies have been done indicating that almost a third of mobile phone users have received unsolicited text messages. There are a number of mechanisms used to cut out the annoying notifications for individuals who do not want to participate in these unwanted statistics. There’s no need to be rude as you can politely change your mind. Such tactics include using failed texting pranks and error texting pranks until they give up texting you.

1. Block them

Today, most mobile phone and service providers have blocking functionality. Blocking is specially designed for this purpose – to block unwanted text messages and calls. Every time they try to text you, they fail. If they are smart enough, they will realize that their text messages are unpopular.

2. Never answer

You send a message of your own by ignoring the text. Silence is the golden weapon for how to get someone to stop texting you. After sending many messages without a response from you, the other person may get tired of one-way communication. There’s even a popular adage that says, “smart people ignore.” Treat them with golden silence until they give up texting you. Again, if the other person is smart enough, he/she will realize you’re not interested in pointless conversations with them.502fac11 1a88 4002 a644 564dda7497cf 1

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3. Directly

When using this strategy, you should be careful not to sever relationships that you may need in the future. It can be difficult for others to read the clues and hints you give about your dislike of receiving messages from them. their feelings. Tell them that you feel like they don’t want to text you and that you’re not at the level to talk to them.

4. Confront them

The water is up to your neck, and you must act immediately! You should only choose confrontation when you have tried other ways and failed. This strategy should be specific to people who keep texting you and you’ve made it clear that you don’t like it. You have even tried ignoring the messages without success. Don’t hesitate to explicitly tell the person that they need to stop texting! Make them see that you are not interested in communicating with them.9f7c27cb b4ab 4f55 920f 9c34db2d15af 2

5. Change your number

Push has come shove! It’s the only option you have left to escape the unrelenting horror. You tried several ways to stop them from texting you by blocking them, but they text you with different numbers. The messages have become so persistent that you can’t stand it anymore. Get a new number and don’t share it with people you don’t want to chat with. If they don’t have your new number; they can’t text you! It’s hard to let people know you have a new number, but it’s worth it. Do not worry! Just make sure you save your contacts out loud and sync them with your new number.

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6. Seeking help

Do you have a mutual friend, or do you have a friend who always supports you when you need it! Seek help from a third party to deliver a coherent message. You can even send empty threats through the person to keep the annoying person away. This idea doesn’t sound good, but sometimes it works.a7e1468e 6831 414d 8457 a0691147edb2 3

7. Prank text error

Part of the way to get someone to stop texting you is to use an error text prank that mimics the automated error messages typically sent by mass providers when it comes to technical issues. Each time you receive an unsolicited message, reply with a message like “SMS ERROR 111: CUSTOMER IS NOT ALLOWED TO RECEIVE” or “SMS SERVICE ERROR: SENDER DOESN’T SUPPORT REPLY.” The person who keeps texting you will definitely give up after trying many times. and he/she will assume it’s a service glitch that’s preventing them from texting you. If they can read between the lines, they’ll know you don’t like having your text.

8. Report to the authorities

Some people don’t know when to give up. Others are so self-centered that they cannot see when they are invading other people’s privacy. You’ve been trying desperately to let someone know that you don’t appreciate their text, but they just can’t seem to give up on this nasty behavior. You may even get a restraining order from the court. Sometimes, a word from the authorities is enough to stop them from texting you.e5c669ed 7dfc 4229 b714 61649a916081 4

Stop the text

You don’t have to suffer in silence from unwanted messages sent by people you don’t like. Assess your situation and come up with the most appropriate method to stop them from texting you. You have the choice to avoid unnecessary negative emotional effects caused by unwanted texts.

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