FIX: Skype won’t close in Windows 10

How to force quit Skype?


  • Close Skype from the system tray
  • Uninstall Skype and replace it with the latest version
  • Close Skype with Task Manager
  • Create a .bat file
  • Windows 10 is here and we still love it so far. But some users have reported some bugs affecting Skype, especially they are unable to close the application. So, in this article, we will show you some solutions to this problem Dozens of Windows 10 users have reported a strange error with Skype on their computer that prevents them from shutting down the program. CloseIf you wanted to disable Skype, you would normally right-click the Taskbar icon and select “Quit Skype” from the context menu. However, many users have reported that they cannot exit Skype in this way, so we will give you some workarounds.

    What can I do if Skype won’t close on my computer?

    1. Close Skype from the system tray

    quit skypeIf you are one of those users who cannot close Skype via the Taskbar, try closing it via the system tray. First, go to the bottom right edge of the screen and there will be a Skype icon next to your watch. Read more: Why gas prices are going up Without the Skype icon, it might be hidden, so you’ll need to tap an arrow to reveal it. Once you find the Skype icon in the system tray, right-click it and then press Exit Skype.

    2. Uninstall Skype and replace it with the latest version

    There is one more fix available and it requires you to uninstall the current version of Skype. After uninstalling Skype from your computer, you need to go to Skype’s website, download the latest version of Skype, and install it again. After reinstalling Skype, you should We have to point out that this solution didn’t fix the problem on all Windows 10 computers, but it did help some users, so it’s worth checking out. check.Looking for the best uninstaller tools? These are the best options.

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    3. Close Skype with Task Manager

    If this doesn’t help and you still can’t get rid of Skype, you can always turn it off using Task Manager. Go to your Taskbar, right-click it, then select Task Manager from the context menu. Read more: Why do black people have big dentsfinish skype missionWhen the Task Manager opens, scroll down the list until you find the Skype process, select it and press the “End Task” button. This will close Skype successfully and forcefully.Alternatively, you can use a third-party Task Manager from our new list!

    4. Create a .bat . file

    Another method to force quit Skype is to create a batch file and add the following lines to it:

    • taskkill / f / im
    • taskkill / f / im

    Save the file to your desktop and simply open it to shut down Skype. At this time we don’t know what is causing this issue and Microsoft is working hard to patch Skype and resolve this minor issue, and we’ We hope that an official fix will be available soon. available to all Windows 10 users. If you have any other Windows 10 related problems, you can check the solution in our Windows 10 Fixes section.

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