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Video Who is dom mazzetti Mazzetti is a fictional character portrayed by Mike Tornabene. He is also known as “Bro Science Guy” and “Brofessor.” The comedic character is portrayed as a half-Italian, half-American college student who talks about topics such as gymnastics, college and women.ike started his acting journey at the age of 8; wrote comedy scripts with his friend Gian Hunjan. Over the years, the two wrote many television sketches, comedy scripts and, later, started uploading their comedy series to the internet. The character has become a hit online, where some fans have entertained his antics.

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Dom Mazzetti takes a picture of himself in the mirror, revealing his abs, chest and arms


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Dom Mazzetti doing silly poses in the gym


Sketches and scripts

Mike’s interest in comedy “emerged” early in his life, when he was in 2nd grade. During this time, he met the co-creator of the current Dom Mazzetti video channel, whose name is Gian Hunjan . Both “clicked” from the start, as Mike describes; “We started the business right then and there.” From that day on, Mike and Gian started writing comedic scripts and doing sketches. During their senior year of high school, the two worked together at a restaurant, where they entertained staff with their creative comedies. Mike said: “I can say that the restaurant was the real start of our comedy partnership. Writing television and comedy scripts. Mike said all of this was done over an online video chat. “I spent a lot of time partying at NYU. Freshman year, I was in the Third North with five other guys, so we spent a lot of time playing Halo on dirty back-lit TVs, two Xboxes set up, and once we found out Turns out that the nearby snack shop is key to enjoying the wine, so it weighs 40oz buds pretty much every night. My experiences at NYU definitely helped us come up with ideas for our sketches.”

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Started his first business

During their senior year of college, Mike and Gian launched their first comedy show. The performance consisted of sketch videos that they uploaded on the internet. The videos receive a positive response, but only a handful of people watch them regularly. Mike says this isn’t enough to “get serious about the business.” Despite his lack of initial success, Mike is determined he will eventually succeed. He and his friend Gian spent the summer of 2010 posting flyers all over the city, advertising that they were willing to do any job. All of this is to fund their dream of becoming an actor. Here’s Mike talking about the different jobs he did that summer; “We did some pretty weird jobs that summer, including picking up an autistic child from camp and driving him home or taking him on a trip.” With all that was going on in his life, Mike also found time to study for a personal trainer certification. As far as he thinks, getting the certificate will allow him to work at a gym in his city – which, he hopes, will earn him enough money to follow his dream. his acting.Dom Mazzetti in a white t-shirt pointing at the camera

The Birth of Dom Mazzetti

In late 2010, Mike created the famous character, Dom Mazzetti. The character is described as “a stupid, middle-aged Italian guy.” However, initially Mike and Gian intended to film a cooking sketch with Mike as ‘Dom’, but that never happened. . Mike and Gian thought it would be interesting to use Dom as a character in an interview. Where they will satirize the process of handling a bomb threat. They received a great response from the video. So they decided to use Dom Mazzetti in another sketch, sketch after sketch, Dom Mazzetti gradually became more and more popular on the internet. Eventually, videos of the character went viral, so much so that Mike and Gian decided to use Dom as their only character from that point on.

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Read more: 15 questions and answers about Underworld: Blood Wars | Top Q&A, Mike started uploading videos related to fitness and college life; as Dom Mazzetti. Through portraying the character, he mocked “physical science”. huge influence on the online world.Dom Mazzetti lifts a black barbell while saying something ironic in front of the camera


Besides his career as a comedian, Mike is also a fitness enthusiast. He regularly works out in the gym, keeping fit for his videos. Mike says he’s been hitting the gym since he was 14, developing his own techniques that have helped him stay in great shape.Dom Mazzetti doing shoulder presses while sitting on a bench

What can we learn from Dom Mazzetti

Dom Mazzetti has shown us that not everything has to be taken seriously when it comes to fitness. Through the character of Dom, Mike demonstrated a different approach to the “holistic fitness lifestyle.” While much of the bodybuilding community talks about body transformations, obstacles in their lives, etc. Mike focuses on the funny and light-hearted side of fitness; makes interesting videos to make his audience laugh. ike’s message to everyone is to have a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle – one that doesn’t have to be “all serious and mundane.” Read more: Joely Fisher grew up like a Hollywood royalty and took notes

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