Cựu Miss Universe 2014 tức tối bỏ về nước, fan Colombia nằm vạ tại sân khấu

Video Who is miss universe 2014The former Miss Universe 2014 expressed her anger when her country was not respected. Announcement of the wrong results, crowning also became the biggest incident in the history of this size beauty contest. Read: who is Miss Universe 2014 The winner of this year’s Miss Universe is the representative beauty of Colombia – Ariadna Gutierrez. When Ariadna was crowned, presented with flowers, victory ribbons and took the first steps of being empowered as the coronation, the MC suddenly apologized for giving the wrong crown. In fact, the winner must be the representative of the Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.195637 2This “lifetime” incident made fans all over the world have a name. No one can believe that a contest as big as Miss Universe can read the results wrong. In particular, this “time error” lasted for a long time, when the Colombian beauty received the crown and went to say hello. Moreover, when the online community publicizes the results of the MC at the time of publication, it makes people even more skeptical about the truth of the misread.Read more: who is the youngest football player | Top Q & A Not only peace show fans, former Miss Universe 2014 – Paulina Vega expressed her anger. On the beauty’s fanpage, there is a picture of her dragging and her manager into the elevator with the caption: “Paulia has really left what they (i.e. BTC Miss Universe) did with Ariadna and Colombia “.195637 3 Paulina Vega – Former Miss Universe 2014 expressed her anger by leaving. Paulina Vega felt the job confusion as a result was an insult to Ariadna and disrespect for their Colombian nation. . So even though she is a former Miss Universe 2014, as a child of Colombia, she can clearly define her regime. Her movements are completely understandable.195637 4 Paulina Vega smiled and congratulated the Colombian beauty at the time of being named to the noble throne.Read more: Those who wished me dead said the saying195637 5195637 6Not only that, as soon as the finale ended there was a riot in the mock area. The most stressful were the two groups of fans of the Philippines and Colombia when these two groups stood side by side and kept calling their country’s name. While pretending to be the Philippines dancing and celebrating, the Colombian audience couldn’t help but answer. Many Colombian fans lost their thoughts and almost lost their spirits at the unexpected developments of the competition. even injured. Some people think that the rebellious state is that there are people who are dissatisfied with the final result of Miss Universe, especially after the screen of the false announcement of serious results on the stage where the suspicion of the settlement became famous. time out.Following One WorldRead more: whom do you mercilessly marry | Top Q&A

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