Can Christians Eat Shellfish? What the Bible Says

Living in the Christian community, I have seen and heard people with different dietary choices. Recently, I heard about some people choosing not to eat shellfish that interested me, so I started doing research to find out why a Christian may or may not eat shellfish. bark. Yes, Christians can eat shellfish, but there is some history. The Old Testament says in Leviticus, “Everything in the water has fins and scales, whether in the sea or in the river, you can eat it.” But we no longer follow this old Law. Jesus even made it clear in His own life on the subject of food and what really matters in the big picture of a Christian’s life.Reading: why the bible says not to eat shellfish This makes me wonder why God gave us only fish with fins and scales and what makes fish that are not unclean. So what does this mean for us today?

The history of clean and unclean food


God told Moses about what to eat and what should be considered abominable for humans to eat. Fish is specifically described in Leviticus 11:10. Anything with fins and scales is acceptable for eating according to this part of the Bible. This law given by God to Moses is still observed by the Jews to this day. According to Jewish tradition and religion, Kosher food is all there is to eat. There is a rule for each type of wild and domestic animals, marine life and reptiles. What I discovered was that clean food is anything God has listed as clean, but is scientifically clean as well. metal and others. When those excess metals and vitamins are introduced into the body, over time can become harmful to humans. This is also the reason that pork is not kosher; Pigs are not capable of excreting toxins in their body, and they will eat anything placed in front of them.

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Fish Options in the Bible

According to the Bible, we can eat fish as long as they have scales and fins. If you’re shopping at the store and the scales and fins have been removed, just be aware the fish is a fish, if you’re worried about being Kosher. In my research, I learned that some fish can have fins but no scales, or scales and no fins. The criteria given in the Bible to make a kosher fish need to include both fins and scales. Read more: why copper is a good conductor | Q&A about all sea creatures and streams you can eat any creature with fins and scales. But all the creatures in the sea or stream without fins and scales — whether among all the creatures that live in groups or among all the other living things in the water — you would be considered unclean. “Leviticus 11:9-10 NIV In this regard. Regarding the life of Jesus, we can see that this specific law regarding clean and unclean food does not apply to us. We can take that as the standard for what clean keeps the body healthy. We are just not bound to this standard of food anymore because Jesus Himself said otherwise in the Gospel of Mark.

Shellfish Identified

Shellfish can be divided into two types – crustaceans and mollusks. Each category includes different living organisms that can live in both freshwater and saltwater. Some examples of shellfish are: shrimp, crayfish, crab, lobster, mussels, scallops, oysters, and mussels. All these shellfish include a significant amount of nutrients and can be very good for the body in small amounts.

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Eat shellfish like Christians

I find it very interesting to have different opinions throughout my research on this topic. I say this is interesting because many people believe that Christians are picking and choosing which laws from the Old Testament still apply today. I’m not here to get into that big topic, but I realize it’s happening. In the Old Testament we’ve clearly seen what makes food unclean or clean, so that’s possible. makes you wonder, what about today? Well, I find that Jesus was right when he told His disciples that it is not what a person puts in their mouth but what comes out of a person that defiles them. , everyone, and understand this. Nothing outside a person can defile them by going inside of them. Rather, it is what a person does that defiles them. “Mark 7:14-15 ESV

Extra question

Read more: Why can’t I get drunk I see that I have more questions on this topic and would like to share with you what I’ve learned.

What is Kosher?

Healthline defines Kosher as “A term used to describe foods that adhere to the strict dietary standards of traditional Jewish law.” The rules surrounding what constitutes something Kosher are included in the Jewish Holy Book, the Torah. According to Healthline, the traditions and rules to be followed from these sacred texts have been passed down orally for generations. through the product and the manufacturing process.

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What are the health benefits of shellfish?

Shellfish contain a lot of vitamins like iron, zinc, magnesium, B12 and even omega-3 fatty acids. All these vitamins and low calories make this food a great booster for the immune system, brain and heart. Because shellfish is high in protein and low in calories, Healthline says eating shellfish can also help slim your waistline. All the vitamins found in shellfish are also beneficial for the body. This high-protein, high-vitamin food also has some negative effects on the body in the long run. Shellfish are also high in metals and mercury, too much of which is bad for the digestive system and internal health.

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Are Halal and Kosher the same?

To some extent, Halal and Kosher are very similar. They overlap in many areas including the shellfish theme, but Halal has some exceptions to this rule. Halal is the way Muslims describe the cleanliness of food, these laws are found in the Holy Book of Muslims, called the Quran. Halal and Kosher both agree that any pig product is unclean and that neither should be eaten by religion. The difference with Kosher and Halal concerns the subject of alcohol. In Islam, it is not clean or allowed to drink any alcohol. Muslim countries also go further into products used in the home including cleaning supplies, beauty products and more. On the other hand, Kosher will allow grape wine if it is made according to the Kosher Jewish tradition. Alcohol is also very important to the Jewish religion so that’s where the exceptions and differences are.Read more: why are gaming laptops so expensive | Top Q&A

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