Black Flash – Cái chết của các Speedster trong DC Comics


+ HISTORY:Reading: who is black Read more: who will win tonight’s republican debate | The Top Q&A-Black Flash appeared several times before the Speedsters’ deaths. It appeared before the deaths of Barry Allen (The Silver Age Flash, Flash II) and Johnny Quick. Although they were killed for other reasons, they were essentially restarted by the Black Flash. It was also seen by Max Mercury – When the Black Flash reached Wally West (Flash III). That proved to be the accidental that Linda Park (now Wall West’s girlfriend and fiancé) entered the Speed ​​Force. Black Flasck tried again several times, but this time it was suspended outside of Speed ​​Force. Because of this, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick (The Golden Age Flash, Flash I) and Jesse Chambers (aka Jesse Quick / Liberty Belle, daughter of Johnny Quick) were able to apply Wally in the fight. Wally wins the Black Flash in a race to the end of time, where death is meaningless. Because time doesn’t exist here.-Black Flash reappears several times, this time as Bart Allen (who became Flash, after the events of Infinite Crisis) in the final moments where Bart Allen is about to lose his strength. strength while fighting the Rogues at the Getty Center. With Inertia’s stateless use, they caused Bart to lose power instead of the powerful draw of the Speed ​​Force from an individual. Bart bravely fought the Rogurs, but was later killed.Read more: Who has the highest psr ever-In Final Crisis, the reinforced Black Flash appears, or can be seen as Black Racer, “The death of the new gods”. This is being started by Wally West, when that he and Barry Allen used Black Racer to get the soul of “The evil God Darkseid”. Fighting Darkseid, Barry Allen became affected and transformed into the new Black Flash. Barry quickly begins the work of killing the various Speedsters through their bond with the Speed ​​Force. Looking for a way to tame the Black Flash, Barry returns to the Speed ​​Force, which makes the Black Flash truly re-engaged by the Speed ​​Force. This works to the plan to after the switch of Barry. That was Professor Zoom’s plan. With Barry being purified from the Black Flash, Barry is presumed dead.

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-Black Flash is believed to be able to run as fast as other Flashes as well as being able to run 4 times faster than the speed of light. It is considered one of the fastest species of the DC universe. -Can do time deposition of things outside of Speed ​​Force. -Can drag “non-speedster” into Speed ​​Force. -Can import to another server. -Black Flash has relationships with other aspects of death in the DCU, mostly Black Racer.Read more: Who is Shemar Moore’s girlfriend? Is he married yet?

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