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Video Who bets in recklessnessBetsy Beatty has been mentioned many times over the past two seasons of Daredeviland we finally get to meet her in person in episode 7 of Season 3, Consequencedescribe with Karina Casiano. Like Daredevil believe Kingpin will go later Melvin Potter and his beloved Betsy Beatty, he reaches out to the latter to warn her, and we discover that she is actually Melvin’s parole officer. Betsy was asked to leave town and hide, but we don’t know if she actually did, or if she preferred to be around Melvin, who was just recaptured. In the comics, Beatty is actually the angel of Melvin’s life, but she’s not his parole officer, nor is she a cop in any way. Let’s see together. Born and raised in New York City, Betsy Beatty is one of those rare souls who believes that no one can pass redemption, and that even the worst person is the product of a cold and loveless environment, and can is “cured” with human care and relations. She takes this belief as a profession, and she becomes a social worker, unafraid even as she assists some of the most dangerous supervisors the city has to offer… and it has to offer a lot. many of them. Betsy did her job professionally and carefully, but her life changed only when she was entrusted with Melvin Potter, the armorer. betsybeattycomics1The villain is called Fighter, who has just been captured after the eleventh attempt in the life of Daredevil, his masked enemy. The man Betsy saw behind the armor, the helmet, and the circular blades was a man in dire need of love, a large, illuminating man who was fundamentally afraid of the world he was in. attack continuously. Melvin, on his part, knew tenderness and kindness for the first time, and he was truly open to this new social worker. Before they knew it, they were already in love, and Melvin Potter, for the first time in his life, wanted to pop a new leaf, all for the love of a woman who believed there was some good in him. Everything seems to be going well, when Melvin works as a bodyguard for a blind lawyer Matt Murdock… Until women began to die in the streets, and many witnesses swore they had seen Gladiator kill them. All the cities are on Melvin’s side… all the cities except Betsy Beatty, who believes in her innocence. Read more: ‘The irresponsible, evil plot’ continues to haunt Baba RamdevBetsy has been by her man’s side from beginning to end, and it’s clear that her steadfastness in protecting Melvin has convinced subdue even Daredevil who caught the real female assassina certified sexual harasser named Michael Reese, who actually looks a lot like Melvin Potter. Betsy accompanies Melvin during his trial, and rejoices with him when Reese is arrested and he is found innocent of all charges. Filled with gratitude, Gladiator then saved Daredevil’s life, protecting him from Hand with Elektra: though nervous, Betsy is happy to see Melvin use his skills and equipment to do some good, for once. Time passed, and Melvin made a real effort to change his life; Betsy accompanied him all the way, until they got married. Betsy leaves her job, and she starts helping Melvin in his costume shop, encouraging him to make an honest living using his skills… and close her eyes if, from time to time betsybeattycomics2Over time, Melvin decides to use his old violent ways to convince crooks and bandits to stay away from his store. Gladiator fell back on his old path a few times, the first time when a group of crooks forced him to put on his old costume and aided them at gunpoint, an episode he was saved from solely through his help. intervention of Spidermanand then when Felix Manning, a man who worked for the Kingpin, threatened Betsy if he didn’t make a copy of Daredevil’s costume to frame the hero. All of these tensions, in the end, convince Melvin that he can’t really let go of his old life, and this leads to a rift between him and Betsy. As much as Betsy loved Melvin, she couldn’t do much with Gladiator, and they divorced. A woman can only hope that this doesn’t mean losing everything Melvin has achieved in her years… Betsy Beatty is a woman with a kind heart, always seeing things. The best in a person and tries to make it stand out, but this does not mean that she is naive or weak: on the contrary, she is strong and steadfast, able to stand her ground. even when encountering dangerous assassins. A skilled social worker whose therapy has helped so many people, Betsy can be a little too emotional in her cases, but this is what makes her so effective. in her profession: she really cares. happened to Kakashis Mom

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