Ask The Experts: Is My Chihuahua Aggressive?

Video Why are chihuahuas so meanI always joke that my Chihuahua, Diego, is a 5 pound giant attitude animal! If you have a Chihuahua, you will know that they have quite large and bold personalities. However, sometimes, we humans don’t fully understand or know how to handle them. That’s when the trouble started. I recently sent out a survey to my newsletter subscribers and found that a lot of dog parents are having a hard time understanding their dog’s tendency to be aggressive. If you fit into this category, just know that you’re not alone! That’s why I reached out to Linda, a trainer, proud Chihuahua mom and founder of the blog. While her tips focus on Chihuahuas, they are great for all breeds!

Q: Why do Chihuahuas have a reputation for being aggressive dogs?


ONE: Here’s a statistic that not many people know: The Chihuahua is the second-most-preserved dog breed in the US. When I tell people this, most are shocked and surprised. city ​​shelter. At the Peninsula Humane Society of San Mateo, 60% of dogs awaiting adoption are purebred or mixed Chihuahuas. At the San Francisco Animal Care and Control shelter, Chihuahuas make up 30% of the dog population and are growing. At the East Bay SPCA, the figure is 50%. Their fate is no better elsewhere around the country or around the world. Since they are the second most carnivorous breed, ask anyone you know what they think of a Chihuahua and see what answers you get. I have heard:

  • Means little dogs
  • Small bite on ankle
  • Aggressive little dogs
  • Mexican Pit Bulls

Sadly they don’t have a good reputation, the reason for this, clear and simple, is the lack of socialization and training. Chihuahuas are very loyal and protective small dogs. Those great qualities can be translated into very undesirable behavior. This undesired behavior is often caused by the owner inadvertently. Yes, they know that they are not as big as the Great Dane. They react to fear aggressively. They barked, growled and bared their teeth, hoping to scare away what they perceived as a threat. If that doesn’t work then they will bite.

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Q: What is the main cause of Chihuahua aggression?

ONE: The most common cause is fear.Read more: why does my apple pencil keep disconnecting | Top Q&A Just like humans, chihuahuas fear the unknown. If they see another dog, a child or a person in a wheelchair for the first time, they get scared. How many YouTube videos have you watched of people teasing their dog and then the dog growling, snarling, and baring his teeth? People put that stuff on YouTube because they think it’s cute or funny. It’s a perfect example of owners unintentionally getting aggressive with their Chihuahua.

Q: Why is it so important for a Chihuahua to learn basic commands?

ONE: Knowing basic commands is a must if you want an obedient, civilized dog living in your house. Teaching your dog basic commands is a great bonding experience, and it also teaches them that you are the one in charge. Not dominating — that’s a completely different post — but in charge. Chihuahuas are very protective and need to know that you have all the protection and care of your family under control. Otherwise, they’ll take over the protection and you’ll be left with a little tyrant in your arms. The good news is – they don’t want to be the guardians and rulers of the house. They are much happier knowing that the work is yours. What the basic commands are depends on who you ask, but everyone agrees that the most important are: But for the Chihuahua, in particular, I would also add “enough”. As protective little dogs, they will alert you by barking when they hear someone approaching in the driveway, if an unfamiliar dog is nearby or if a bag of chips is blowing in the air. Street. They hear things we humans don’t. Therefore, they are called “little barking dogs.” For that reason, they make excellent watch dogs. You don’t want to get them to stop barking altogether, but you do need — for your peace of mind — to teach them when it’s “enough.”

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Q: How can parents of young puppies prevent aggressive behavior in the first place?

ONE: Because they’re “aggressive,” the number one piece of advice I give all Chihuahua parents is: get in, get along, get on with society. . Therefore, childhood is the best time to socialize with them. Read more: Why my wifi says security is weak When they’re young, introduce them to anything and everything — let them experience all the situations they may be exposed to throughout their lives . Related to:

  • Children (with supervision)
  • Other dogs (supervised)
  • Man
  • Women
  • Crowd
  • Newborns (with supervision)
  • People against crutches
  • People in wheelchairs

Also let them walk on all the different surfaces they might have to go: Carpet, tile, hardwood, concrete, etc.

Q: What advice can you give to parents of adult Chihuahuas who already have aggressive tendencies?

ONE: Stop immediately. I know what you’re thinking: “Easier said than done!” While it may be more difficult but far from impossible, you need to be more patient, persistent and cautious, but start socializing them now. Take them to as many places as possible and expose them to as many different situations as possible. Also, start the training process right away. Like I mentioned earlier, training lets your little limb know that you are the main one in charge. They must learn what behavior is and is not acceptable. But my advice is to start working with your dog now, read everything you can about your dog’s specific aggressive behavior, and hire a professional trainer if you not sure what to do.

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A little about ChiChis And Me

Years ago, I received the greatest gift I have ever received from another human being. I named that gift Chico. Since then, my husband and I have added a furry home to our two Chihuahuas – Pebbles and Remedy Jane. Chihuahuas have become my passion! Knowing that Chihuahuas are the second most eaten breed of dog in America — second only to Pit Bulls — it is my duty to do something about these sad statistics and help educate Chihuahua defenders. . I work closely with other professionals in training. I volunteer at our local shelter in several departments, including working with the training team.WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | WINTER | INSTAGRAMRead more: why do dogs eat horse poop | Top Q&A

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