6 reasons why nail polish bubbles

Video Why Bubble Nail Polish From time to time, the question arises, why paint nails during or immediately after applying a coat of bubbles. This is clearly not very nice. So I want to talk about the main reasons for bubbling today – and how to avoid it! 1. Alcohol or oil residue on nails In my experience, the most common reason is that the nails have been cleaned with an antiseptic or nail polish remover prior to painting. The alcohol or any other substance contained in it can react with the nail polish, resulting in ugly bubbles. In addition, residue of care products such as hand cream or nail oil on nails can lead to blisters. Therefore, clean your nails thoroughly before painting, preferably with a lubricating soap, and then dry your nails thoroughly with a towel. This also removes the tiny skin cells on the nail. After that, wait until the nail is really dry as the wet nail will swell a bit. So if you paint your nails too soon, it can come off as the nail shrinks. 2. Nail polish / outside temperature is too warm In general, nail polish should be stored at room temperature, in a dark place. They don’t like being stored in a place that is too warm or too cold. Therefore, never put polish in the refrigerator, because cold temperatures will cause the paint to thicken. When your apartment is quite warm (in the summer, for example), nail polish will naturally warm up. You can put the polish in the fridge for a few minutes to cool. When polishing your nails, please stay in your apartment and do not go out. Warmth and direct sunlight cause the solvent to evaporate too quickly and as a result, the nail polish becomes thick and possibly bubbly. 3. Paint layers without letting them dry and using too much nail polish Many of you apply two coats of nail polish and/or use a base and top coat. If these different coats are applied too quickly after another and/or are too thick, cavitation may occur. So it’s best to apply layers as thinly as possible and wait a few minutes before applying the next layer. 4. Products don’t work well together Sometimes you use a base or topcoat from a different manufacturer than nail polish. This can work great, but it can also lead to problems when components chemically react with each other. At that time, the paint does not hold for long or create bubbles. Our OZN nail polish matches naturally with Basic jacket BECKY and ours TONI top coat. 5. Shake the bottle vigorously Shaking nail polish too hard before applying can lead to tiny air bubbles inside the liquid, which then transfer onto the nail. Therefore, after shaking, wait a bit or roll the bottle back and forth in your hand, then the nail polish will connect quite well but without foam. | Top Q&A 6. Dilute thick polish by adding a few drops of polish remover Don’t do that! This doesn’t work and only weakens the bond between the nail and the paint. Unfortunately, if the nail polish is too thick, you have to throw it away. In principle, colorful bottles have an idea of ​​their own. Nail polish is so much more beautiful than you think, so proper care and maintenance is just as important as a thorough nail preparation! Read more: why actors are paid so high | Top Q&A

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