5 Surprising Characteristics of a Peacemaker

Video Who Is a Peacemaker I used to read the Bible and silently, but not humbly, pat myself on the back whenever I read the word “peaceful”. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matt 5:9). Well done, Sarah. You are a true peacemaker. Nine – the peace! Read: Who’s Peaceful I’ve always had a pacifist personality and I can’t think of any occasion where I would raise my voice at someone. So I thought I was a pacifist, but I was wrong, a peacekeeper and a pacifist are not the same thing. A run from conflict. The other runs DIRECT towards it to make peace. Peacemakers actively pursue peace. From a biblical point of view, peacekeepers keep it by not doing anything controversial. Again, there’s the active word. It’s about helping people reconcile broken relationships with each other, but more importantly, with God. 5 Traits of a Peacemaker

1.) Peace rules in their own hearts.


Peacemakers cannot create peace among others if they do not first begin with peace in their own hearts. How do we calm wars and tempers or reconcile with others if we have battles raging in our hearts? others we must first find it in Christ alone. But how do we get this peace? We surrender to Jesus and let His peace overwhelm us.Philippians 4:7 says, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Reality – just tell God you’re surrendering to a stressful situation or disagreement with Him and ask Him to give you His peace instead of your worries. Very simple? Sometimes it may be, other times it may not. But I can tell you it’s a step in the right direction.

  • World peace is temporary. God’s peace is eternal
  • The peace of the world is based on circumstances. God’s peace has been given to us.
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2.) The pacifists are active, not passive.

Here is an example. Suppose two neighbors are fighting. To keep the peace (at least for yourself), you can avoid one or both. Or maybe even nod in agreement when they complain about the other person to temporarily keep the peace. But it’s a detergent. Not a pacifist. Actively try to see all sides and why they think/feel/believe that way. Look for overlapping points of view or areas that may have a compromise. A true pacifist will try to bring the two sides together, disarm them, and work with them to help them reconcile. Here is an article written on how to be a disciple in today’s world!

3.) Gentle

Can you imagine a hostile peacekeeper? No. A peacekeeper must be gentle, otherwise no one will listen to them, come to them for advice or reconcile with them. People’s feelings may be involved or it may be a sensitive topic. Also, we don’t always agree with everyone. Sometimes agreeing to disagree, being polite is all we can do to keep the peace. And that’s okay.

4.) Firm in the truth

While peacekeepers are always ready to listen to all sides, they are NOT willing to put God’s truth aside to appease others. It can also be wrong to deny our own beliefs and the assertions of others if it goes against us. Find out what the Bible says about a certain situation before you begin. But stay true to God’s truth (note that I didn’t say “your truth” because what the hell is that anyway?) And what the Bible says.

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5.) Patient

Finally, a “harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by peacemakers.” Peace-building can be messy. It’s dirty hard work. In 1781, Ben Franklin wrote to John Adams, “I consider that ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ for another world. In this world, they are frequently cursed. “Unfortunately, that’s the truth. Read more: What is Jiraiya’s clan in Naruto? feeling better. Be willing to not only get through that mess but be able to walk away but also have to be patient. Sometimes all we can do is plant the seeds and wait for God to plant them and yield crops in His own time.5 Surprising Traits of a Peacemaker

How to become a peacemaker

Do you consider yourself a pacifist? The good news is that even if we don’t (that’s me), we can become one by submitting to God and embodying the above characteristics. Here are some practical steps to get us on the right track. Need to make peace with someone in your life today? Address the points above with that situation and then grapple with the questions below. We must ask ourselves:

  • Why do I make strict comments to others?
  • Why am I making demeaning comments about them?
  • What causes my resentment towards that person? ”
  • Why do I continue to hurt that person instead of forgiving them?
  • What makes me jealous or jealous of that person? ”

What’s next? 1.) Take it to God. Leave the broken relationship to Him and let Him know you want to fix it! 2.) Initiation. Take the lead in reaching out to the person to mediate or start building a relationship. You can always find someone willing and ready to corroborate your opinion. That will not bring peace, it will only cause more conflict.

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The last point…

Are you currently trying to help two people or groups reconcile? Can you think of a current situation in our world that could be used more peacefully? How can we apply these traits of a peaceful person to that situation?JOIN THE COMMUNITYLet’s connect! Facebook || Pinterest || Instagram Read more: Dave rickels vs julian lane who wins

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