10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster is the quintessential girl next door. She is a mother. She is a woman going through a difficult time with her husband. She is a woman who works hard to provide for her family. She is lovely and kind. How do we know this? Well, we’ve been following her on Instagram since before she gave birth to her son, Russ, and that allowed us to get to know the social media influencer and “Price is Right” model a bit. through her daily stories, her trials, her tribulation and her moments of peace and happiness. She’s a lovely person, and she’s someone everyone should take the time to get to know a little more intimately. Read: to whom is amber lancaster engaged

1. She’s ab 80s Baby


You will be as shocked as we got to know her 40. When she celebrated her birthday in September 2020, we were shocked to find out it was her 40th birthday. She looks like she’s in her 20s, and we imagine she’s not complaining about that.

2. She’s from Washington

She currently lives in California, but she is of Pacific Northwest descent. It’s a beautiful place, and it’s hard to imagine her life in Tacoma, Washington being so picturesque with mountains, water, and natural beauty. We realize, though, that while her grass is definitely greener due to all the rain they tend to get there, she probably spent part of her childhood looking forward to the weather. warmer weather, drier air and bluer skies sometimes.

3. She’s a Beauty Queen

Read more: who is the best striker in the world | Top Q & ALet takes you back to 1998. She is only 18 years old but already a beauty queen. She is Miss Washington Teen USA. This allows her to keep doing bigger things. Then she can try her hand at the Sea Gals, the cheerleading squad for the Seattle Seahawks. She spent five years with them.

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4. She is an interior designer

Besides modeling and working on “The Price is Right,” Lancaster also has her own business. It’s called Lancaster Interiors. She works to help others design their homes and businesses, and it’s a passion she’s always felt called to.

5. She is a mother

Lancaster is a mother. Her sweet boy is Russell. He’s a regular fixture on her social media pages and the world can tell she’s an amazing mom. Russell Levi was born on August 3, 2019. He will celebrate his second birthday in 2021.

6. She almost died

Although she is now a very happy mother with a very sweet, happy little son, she has not always been able to fulfill the role of a mother well. She went into labor very early. Her son was born 9 weeks premature, very dangerous. Lancaster developed preeclampsia while pregnant, which can cause serious complications for both mother and baby if not carefully monitored. However, it can cause those things even when it is carefully monitored. As a result, her baby was born two months earlier and she suffered from some of the most painful health problems imaginable. Read more: Who is Nik Hirschi? Relationship With Wife Super Car Blondie | Top Q&A She suffered severe blood loss during labor. She also faced other complications, and she ended up being rushed to the ICU while her son was transferred to the NICU after going into labor. She needs a hysterectomy. Her kidneys began to fail, and she suffered a carotid artery injury. She was in the ICU alone for a week after her son was born, meaning she was a mother for a week before she was finally able to hold her son for the first time. Her son also had a congenital heart defect. He needed open-heart surgery after giving birth.

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7. She is married

She is a married woman, but we imagine not for long. She married a businessman named AJ Allodi in 2017. They got married in Palm Springs and it seems like they are a happy couple. However, she stopped posting photos of them and started living a single life not long after their baby was born, and that’s when rumors of a relationship started circulating on the internet. It is speculated that her husband started cheating on her less than a year after they were married and that he even stayed with his mistress while his wife was in the ICU and their newborn son was in the NICU. . Many fans were left stunned by this rumour, with one even commenting on one of her Instagram posts that they knew he cheated years ago when on Christmas morning he let his wife go. and the new baby at home to go to the gym, ‘to work.

8. She is a positive energy

Everything she does is done with positivity. Instead of looking at the glass as half-empty, she looks at all the reasons she could be happy in the world. She spends time with her sons, friends, family, and she makes the most of every moment. It’s easy to see that motherhood is something she loves, and it’s also easy to see that she’s making the best out of her life.

9. She made a big change in her life

She didn’t move to California to become an actress or model. She was living in Seattle with her friends, working as a cheerleader, and living her life in college, and she decided to pack up and leave. This happened in 2005. She had no money, no job, no home, and nothing but hope, and it all worked out for her.

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10. Her idea of ​​success is amazing

Something very important to Amber Lancaster is her success, and she has a great idea of ​​that. Her idea of ​​success if well balanced in all aspects of life. If she can get that done and prioritize that, she can do anything.

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