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Wormspore OverviewLocation: The DreadnaughtReading: where to find fate’s worms Stack limit: 200Read more: where does light-independent reactions take place | Top Q & ARarity class: CommonLoot drop: Yes Details Source: Read more: where do I stand with you | Top Q & AVendors PVE Location Chest & Bounty Value: 1/2 Legendary Mark (extrapolation) “A concentrated transformation catalyst that reacts to both Light and Darkness.” – Item Description Wormspore is a material that can be found and collected by Guardians while exploring the Dreadnaught. Wormspore is found on the corpses of Thralls scattered throughout the ship, which can be harvested by the Guardians. Wormspore can also be given to the Guardian upon completion of the Daily Hero Story Quest or the Patrol bounty. 20 Wormspore can be purchased from Roni 55-30 in the Tower Hangar in exchange for ten Legendary Marks. Read more: Where are Yankee kun and the white stick girl


  • Used to upgrade weapon perks.
  • Used to upgrade armor perks.
  • Used to buy prestige with factions.

List of appearances[edit]

  • Life
    • The Taken King (First appearance)


Loot with fiat currency redeemable items

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