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Where was the Princess video filmed Where was the princess filmed and is Montenaro the real place? What about Belgravia? If you’re wondering where to find the Princess Switch castle in real life, along with all the other Princess Switch filming locations, this post is for you.If you live on Netflix like I do, chances are you’ve come across the Christmas romantic comedy The Princess Switch, or perhaps its sequel, The Princess Switch: Switched Again.The premise is simple and features High School Musical girl Vanessa Hudgens as two doppelgängers who meet in a twist of fate and decide to swap lives for two days, one becoming a success. god while the other, a humble baker from Chicago… Of course, the two fall in love with each other unknowingly and their lives are led by a constantly appearing mysterious Santa/mystery character ( and never fully explained). cinematic dreams, with royal splendor, romance, winter wonderlands and glorious fairy-tale scenery to tie it all together. Needless to say, I devoured it all, one of the biggest questions I have after the movie is of course where they filmed it. To my surprise, the entire movie was pretty much shot in one of my favorite underrated gems in Europe: Romania!Photo via Gabriel Hennessey, Netflix After discovering that, I knew I needed to dig deeper and write an article about it. on my detective hat, flip through Romanian newspapers and spend an embarrassing amount of time on Google Street View to put together the most complete list of possible The Princess Switch filming locations, with some add-ons to filming locations from The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Interesting!Princess Switch Filming location 2 1Photo via Gabriel Hennessey, Netflix

First of all – is Belgravia a real place?


Sadly, I need to confirm that Belgravia (like the countries of Aldovia and Genovia in its fellow film) is not an actual country. Name. In fact, it’s an ultra-luxurious neighborhood in London that regularly ranks as one of the wealthiest in the world. An endless stream of sweet bakeries and an optimal location away from (very real and very royal) Buckingham Palace. The town of Carei, in Satu Mare County, is close to the Hungarian border in northwestern Romania. As Margaret might say, “SUPER!” Some of the Belgravia scenes we see in Princess Switch 2 were shot in Scotland.

Is Montenaro a real place?

In the film, Lady Margaret (AKA Vanessa Hudgens with an English-ish accent) is said to be from another country called Montenaro. – in the real (beautiful) European country of Montenegro, which I can say is absolutely amazing… so you can go there and pretend it’s Montenaro if you really feel like it. Switch: Switched Again, all of that was shot in Scotland. (More on this below!)

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Where did they shoot the Chicago scenes of Princess Switch?

Princess Switch 1 begins in Chicago, where protagonist Stacy (AKA Vanessa Hudgens does NOT fake her voice) runs a bakery and is constantly stressed/heartbroken about being dumped by Paul (whom we all hate). Given that the film takes place in Chicago, it seems that the Princess Switch 1 scenes in “Chicago” are really just a clever combination of antique footage and a cleverly disguised setting in Romania, according to the Chicago Tribune. | Top Q&A Since the majority of Princess Switch 1 was filmed in Carei, it’s pretty safe to bet that this is also where they staged their fake Chicago, which Stacy’s in the face cap “CHICAGO” made it all real more realistic ????In The Princess Switch 2: Transformation again, some Chicago scenes that we filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland. For example, Sweets & Treats bakery is actually the iconic Mimi’s Bakehouse restaurant. See some photos here!

Where is Belgravian Princess Castle?

Okay, now let’s move on to the cool stuff. Last year (Christmas Prince), the Princess Switch castle can be found in Romania.Princess Switch filming location 3Photo via Gabriel Hennessey, Netflix Karolyi Castle, located in Carei, in the Satu Mare district in northwestern Romania. the number is sure to increase soon in the hardcore romantic circlesCastle KarolyiExterior view of Karolyi castle in Carei city, Romania

Where did they shoot the Belgravia scenes in Princess Switch 1?

As I said earlier, Princess Switch shoots in the Romanian town of Carei. According to Gazeta Nord-Vest, filming took place in February and May and more than 100 locals were recruited as supporting characters for the film.Karolyi Castle: Once again, the fancy magic castle is home to the Belgravian royal family in the movie.Inside/in front of the Old Town Hall: [SPOILERS!] They don’t give details about the specific scenes of Princess Switch being filmed here but I assume it was the Royal Wedding scene or maybe they used it as a shelter (where Margaret and Edward visited) / read books with the kids).Princess Switch Filming location 2 1Photo via Gabriel Hennessey, Netflix1 Decembrie Street 1918: Where they held their Christmas fair (all the stalls and stalls that Margaret, Kevin and Olivia passed when stopped by that reporter who wanted to feature them and right before they entered the store) toy).1 Strada V. Lucaciu(ish): You can find this just off the street December 1, 1918, and thanks to some Google Street View followers I discovered this is the facade of the Frederick Toy Store in Princess Switch. and the film was shot in Romania, I noticed some clever uses of stock footage to add a fairy tale feel to the film. Eat hot chocolate before going shopping. See for yourself! Oh, and right after this scene is when they have that weirdly intimate snowball fight (you know what I’m talking about).Full list of world capitals, including photos for each city. if youGrand Square in Brussels, used to photograph Belgravia

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Where did they shoot the Belgravia scenes in The Princess Switch: Switched Again?

The opening scene of Princess Switch: Switched Again takes place at the Belgravia International Baking Competition. This scene was shot in Edinburgh’s Parliament Square as seen here.The hopetoun house as seen in the transformed princessCr. Mark Mainz / NETFLIX © 2020The remaining scenes of Belgravia Castle were once again filmed in Romania, although the second film’s main star is undoubtedly the dreamy Montenaro Castle! So…

Where is Montenaro Castle from Princess Switch?

The Royal Palace of Montenaro is where we see most of the action this time in The Princess Switch: Switched Again. if you like a trip to “Montenaro”!Hopetoun House Wedding AlisonRussell 047 1The dreamlike interior is a combination of Hopetoun House, Gosford House and Manderston House. The dining room where Margaret and Antonio drank tea appears to be this one at Hopetoun, and the party scene appears to have been filmed in this dining space. The dining room where we see Olivia chatting with Edward is also pictured here.PSSA 20191212 Unit 16983rCr. Marsaili Mainz / NETFLIX © 2020 If you are looking for that splendid marble staircase, it really belongs to Gosford House, as you can see in these photos. The vaults at Pembroke Estate look like they were shot here too, in the end it looks like the hallways of Montenaro Palace (peek at the black marble columns here), Margaret’s splendid bedroom, home The kitchen of the Palace of Montenaro and the room with the pool table where Antonio faced Kevin were filmed at Manderston House, as seen here.PSSA 20191205 Unit 08732r2Cr. Mark Mainz / NETFLIX © 2020 The beautiful marble entranceway where Fiona entered with her “gift” is also the Manderston House, namely this room.NOTE: The arched entrance and patio where Kevin had the super cute Christmas display set up for Margaret look a lot like this catering patio in Manderston, but it’s not 100% the same. Let us know if you know where this was filmed!PSSA 20191206 Unit 09549rCr. Bookmark Mainz / NETFLIX © 2020

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Where did they shoot the Montenaro scenes in The Princess Switch: Switched Again?

If you’re looking for Montenaro in real life, head to Scotland! The setting and party interior of the Montenaro Concert Hall is the Dome Restaurant in Edinburgh. The tailor where we see Edward and Olivia shopping is Stewart Christie & Co in Edinburgh: Meanwhile, the Montenaro Airport scenes were actually shot at Edinburgh Gateway Station.PSSA 20200109 Unit 36111rTransformation Princess: Transformed again. Nick Sagar as Kevin in The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Cr. Mark Mainz / NETFLIX © 2020 And finally, the pictures inside Margaret’s coronation were shot at Glasgow Cathedral.scotland 5014126 1280Image by from Pixabay

Where is Pembroke Esate from The Princess Switch: Switched Again?

What about Fiona’s palace in The Princess Switch: Switched Again? Real estate in Christian Bale’s Batman movies NOTE: Actual shooting does not appear to have taken place there, according to the Nottingham Post. Finally, the interior of Fiona’s Pembroke Estate seems to include this room in Gosford House (look for that unique silver badge in the background as Reggie is darting out.Wollaton HallImage by ian kelsall from Pixabay

Did I miss any other notable Princess Switch filming locations?

I hope you enjoyed the short list of Princess Switch filming locations for the first two movies! Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any else you’ve noticed. Now, onward as we all await the release of Princess Switch III… Read more: where can I go to school during covid | Top Q&A

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