Where Was ‘Grumpy Old Men’ Filmed?

Grumpy Old Men came out in 1993 and people didn’t have high expectations for the American romantic comedy. However, the film became a hit. The film stars Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, who together played a brilliant role in the 1981 Billy Wilder comedy, ‘Buddy Buddy’. In fact, ‘Grumpy Old Men’ became such a hit, that it inspired a sequel titled ‘Grumpier Old Men’. Non-stop prank they pull each other out. Few of us can really like our neighbors, but these two take their antics to a new extreme. To make matters worse, a new female neighbor moved in across the street. Towards the end of the film, however, we see how cherished the friendship is, as it prevails. So the location must be very important as it witnesses some of the iconic scenes in the film. In fact, the town of Wabasha takes great pride in being such a prominent part of the film. Ironically, however, the film was not shot in Wabasha herself. This must bring you to the obvious question of where it was filmed. Grumpy Old Men’s Filming Location: While ‘Grumpy Old Men’ may not have been filmed in Wabasha, it was certainly shot in Minnesota. This is not surprising since the film was written by Mark Steven Johnson, who was a student at Minnesota’s Winona State University. According to reports, the crew branched out across Minnesota, heading to various locations to shoot specific scenes. Some include Lake Rebecca in Rockford, Red Wing, Faribault and Center City. We can also see Stillwater, Chanhassen and Saint Paul. We are also here to help you do that. Faribault, Minnesota:‘Grumpy Old Men’ begins with a screening of the Wabasha railway depot. However, the actual warehouse in Wabasha didn’t exist at the time of filming, so the crew chose to shoot at the Rock Island warehouse in Faribault instead. The Wabasha sign is clearly used for authentication purposes. Located at 311 Heritage Place, Faribault, MN, near the intersection of 1st Avenue and 3rd Street, this place now has a great bar and grille. Located at 230 Central Avenue, Faribault, MN, the site is currently occupied by Pawn Stars MN. According to reports, when the scenes were shot there, a lot of snow had to be brought in because there wasn’t enough to set up the scene .aint Paul, Minnesota:mv5bode4ywflnwmtodk0mc00ndrhlwjjmjitymjlmjgxotcyyzayxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyotc5mdi5nje v1 f random 859x483 1Saint Paul serves as the location of several key scenes in the film. First of all, both Max and John’s house were filmed here. Located in the Phalen Lake area near the intersection of Hyacinth Avenue East and North Frank Street, the correct address for Max’s home is 1137 Hyacinth Avenue East, Saint Paul, MN, while the correct address for John’s home is 1133 Hyacinth Avenue East , Saint Paul, MN. Ariel, the woman who moved across the street, must have a house in the same neighborhood. In real life, her exact home address is 1122 Hyacinth Avenue East, Saint Paul, MN. Notably, these houses are mainly used for outdoor filming. The bar scene was filmed in Half Time Rec in the Como Park area of ​​Saint Paul. Bar at 1013 Front Avenue. Among the many pranks in the film, one went down at a Sears store, located at 425 Rice Street, Saint Paul. The store is located on the west side of the Minnesota State Capitol. There is also a tender scene at the hospital where John and Ariel rekindle their relationship. This photo was taken at Christ the Savior Memorial Hospital in South Saint Paul, at 724 19 North.Red Angel Avenue, Rockford and Center City, Minnesota:4cfb99049c109cd005e12117a7fbd614 0 2As we mentioned earlier, the crew traveled to various locations in Minnesota to find the perfect locations to shoot the movie’s scenes. Thus, the snow angel creation scene starring John and Ariel took place at Soldiers Memorial Park in Red Wing, on East 7th Street. The fishing scene was filmed at Lake Rebecca near Rockford, northwest. metro area. The correct address is Rebecca Lake Park Reserve, 9831 Rebecca Park Trail, Rockford, MN. The wedding scene was filmed at Center City Church, specifically Chisago Lake Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hanhassen, Minnesota:4cfb99049c109cd005e12117a7fbd614 0 f random 853x480 3While the exteriors of the homes were filmed in Saint Paul, the interiors were filmed at Paisley Park Studios, using sound stages and other facilities. The location of the studio is 7801 Audubon Street, as evidenced by the ‘Grumpy Old Men’ crew scouring Minnesota for the perfect locations for the great movie to be shown.Read more: Best Christian movies of the decade

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