Where to stay in Koh Tao: Best areas

Most visitors to Koh Tao will want to spend a few days getting to know the island, so if you’re wondering where to stay in Koh Tao, read on for more details! We have detailed the best areas to stay in Koh Tao with the pros and cons of each. Koh Tao is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is one of the best places in the world for snorkeling, diving and experiencing. delicate wildlife and enjoy endless white sand beaches! The natural beauty of Koh Tao is hard to overstate. This island may be the smallest of the Gulf islands, but it is bordered by gill slits with incredible mountain peaks, crystal clear tropical waters and lush jungle. in Thailand. Snorkel through colorful coral reefs, swim with friendly sharks or even explore shipwrecks!

Where to Stay in Koh Tao: The Best Area


Koh Tao is an eclectic mix of laid-back beaches, fun party scenes and natural wonders for outdoor enthusiasts. It has family-friendly spots and backpackers’ haunts, as well as luxury resorts. Where you should stay in Koh Tao, it all depends on your budget and travel style!

1. Mae Haad

Where to Stay in Koh Tao: Mae HaadAnton Watman / ShutterstockMae Haad Beach will be the first place you see when coming to Koh Tao. It’s a fun and vibrant beach where you can find unique souvenirs for friends and family back home. If you’re looking for the perfect bathing suit or a cute sarong, you’ll find them at Mae Haad. There are plenty of options, so don’t be afraid to negotiate. Ae Haad Beach is home to a famous shipwreck, loved by scuba divers. Flocks of fish flock to the wreck, so if you’re looking to spot wildlife in a unique place, Mae Haad is your place! Cafe. There’s plenty of accommodation here for both budget travelers and those with larger budgets. The only downside for some visitors is that Mae Haad lacks the party atmosphere of some other beaches and the tranquility of some of the more secluded spots on Koh Tao. Since visitors are often looking for one or the other, some may find Mae Haad missing. other beaches. Some tourists may find it a bit too commercial.

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2. Sairee Beach

The best area in Koh Tao Sairee BeachAiree Beach is one of the best areas in Koh Tao to party! A backpacker’s paradise, this lively beach town is teeming with tourists looking to sunbathe by day and explore the party scene by night. The beautiful and coral-fringed beach is right next to the shore, you’ll always find Sairee Beach packed with people, so if you’re looking for a quiet beach experience, book your attractions where other. Many people come to Sairee Beach to watch the sunset, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants right on the water, making Sairee Beach the perfect spot to watch the sunset and relax! There are also plenty of dining options on Sairee Beach. You can enjoy more upscale meals, or check out some of the local fare. As it’s a popular backpacker spot, Sairee Beach has some very reasonably priced dining options. Two famous bars are Fishbowl and AC Bar Beach Club. You can easily watch the sunset from either place. When the moon rises, the vibration club begins! Sairee Beach party all night! Sairee Beach has a fun and vibrant atmosphere with budget accommodation and great dining options. Snorkelers will also enjoy exploring the reef! Sairee Beach is a busy place, so if you are looking for peace and quiet, go somewhere else! SEARCH HOTEL SAIREE BEACHRead more: Best things to do in Koh Tao

3. Chalok . Bay

Where to Stay in Koh Tao: Chalok . BaySource: suremen / Shutterstock This family-friendly destination also has some of the best views Koh Tao has to offer! Visit Chalok Bay and you’ll get amazing views of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Ang Thong Marine National Park. You can also set your sights on Buddha Rock, known locally as Hin Taa Toh, you won’t find big waves in this part of the island, but the beach is great for those who want Relaxing swimming experience. The currents in Chalok Bay are generally milder, which is ideal for those who do not have much water experience. Because of its location in the bay, it is protected from some of the rougher elements of the ocean. Diners will also love Chalok Bay! Cape Restaurant is a favorite 5-star address, specializing in serving scrumptious dishes in paradise. Dine at Cape Restaurant featuring world-class French and Italian cuisine as well as upscale Thai favorites. You won’t find this level of luxury anywhere else on Koh Tao, so if dining in style is on your holiday menu, make sure you visit this tranquil beach. who will find this family-friendly beach vibe a bit too chill. If you enjoy water sports, diving or snorkeling, then Chalok Bay is not for you. wildlife of some other areas, so if you like water sports and ocean exploration, head to another beach to stay in Koh Tao. best areas to stay in Koh TaoYou may also be interested in Where to Stay in Bangkok, Where to Stay in Koh Samui, Where to Stay in Koh Phangan, Where to Stay in Koh Lipe

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4. Ao Thian Og (Shark Bay)

Ao Thian Og Koh TaoSource: Alex KV / Shutterstock When you think of heaven, you picture Ao Thian Og. The beaches there are unspeakably beautiful. One of the best parts is that when people flock to Sairee Beach and Mae Haad, you can enjoy all the splendor all to yourself! Ao Thian Og is an unspoiled part of Koh Tao. It’s a wonderfully relaxing beach, dominated by the John Suwan viewpoint, a perfect place to enjoy panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand. alpha predator. Regular blackhead rift shark Ao Thian Og. In fact, it’s known locally as Shark Bay! Brave scuba divers can get right into the water with these sharks. They are not aggressive, but over 6 meters long, they are definitely scary! The Ao Thian Og shark is one of the region’s most popular, but they’re far from the only one! The beaches in this beautiful area are home to some of the best resorts you’ll find in Thailand. If you love being pampered and kept in style, Ao Thian Og is the place for you. Backpackers will want to stay away, though. Luckily, Ao Thian Og is close enough to other beaches that backpackers can visit during the day, swim with sharks, and then head back to another part of the wild and breathtaking O Thian Og Beach, There are many activities for sun worshipers as well as adventurers. as well as other places.FIND AO THIANG OG HOTEL DEALS

5. Tanote Bay

Tanote Bay Koh TaoSource: Igor Tichonow / ShutterstockTanote Bay is located right on a huge stretch of beach that stretches for miles of gold visible to the naked eye! Early birds will love Tanote Bay for its beautiful sunrises, and athletes will want to explore the wide reef that lies just below the rolling waves. Since Tanote Bay is located in one of the more mountainous areas of Koh Tao, it’s a great place to explore some of the verdant forests that make up most of the island. Tanote Bay boasts three great lookout points and lots of wildlife. It’s slightly more desolate than most of the rest of the island, the only real challenge you’ll face is the lack of accommodation. Tanote Bay is one of those areas in Koh Tao where options are somewhat limited. However, that might be the appeal of Tanote Bay for some who want to avoid the party scene! Tanote Bay has a large and beautiful beach where you will be able to catch the wonderful sunrise. Koh Tao is easily one of the most famous and beautiful islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Regardless of your travel style, you are sure to be able to find the perfect place to stay in Koh Tao!

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