Where to Stay in Guangzhou and Best Places to Visit

Some influential websites on the Internet, such as Wikipedia, claim that the Chinese consider Guangzhou uncultured and not particularly interesting. We beg to differ: we absolutely love the city! You’ll also find websites that say it’s the wealthiest city in China, but somehow we feel it’s more sketchy than other cities China’s megacities. We have chosen well where to stay in Guangzhou so that we can enjoy it in an uninterrupted form. They are definitely planning something big, and many of the old quarters may soon disappear. So we are happy to visit Guangzhou before that happens.Read: where in Guangzhou

Where in Guangzhou?


The best Guangzhou districts

Guangzhou has three central districts. Yuexiu seems somehow grandiose, typical of the city centers of large Chinese cities. Liwan, with its historic buildings and narrow streets, has a touch of ancient China. On the other hand, the Galaxy is the center of skyscrapers. These three districts are quite large so you have to be in the right place. Therefore, in Yuexiu District, stay in Downtownin Liwan County in Old Quarter (Xiguan), and in Tianhe District, you must stay Huacheng Square.Guangzhou Opera House

Guangzhou Hotels – Our Tips

Be aware that hotels in Guangzhou (and all of China) for less than 40 EUR, often have very hard beds. It’s by Chinese standards and is supposed to be good for your back. It happened to us in Xi’an. We couldn’t resist the temptation and booked what we thought would be a great hotel. Honestly, the hotel is pretty good, but the bed is rock hard. We slept so badly, we decided to increase our budget. So spend a little more and get yourself a good night’s sleep. You need to get enough rest to enjoy the multitude of things to do and see in Guangzhou!Huacheng Square

Yuexiu District

Yuexiu is located in the center of Guangzhou. That’s why most subway lines and major streets converge here. The city’s main shopping alley, Beijing Street, is in the center of Yuexiu. Most of the important places to visit in Guangzhou are here: Chen Clan Ancestors Hallthe Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hallthe Temple of the Six Banyan Treesthe Guangxi Temple and Sacred Heart Church. In addition, Guangzhou’s most famous green area, Yuexiu Mountain and Parkis in Yuexiu.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

hotels in Yuexiu

Due to its central location, Yuexiu has a lot to choose from. We like Guangdong Yingbin Hotel, near the Temple of Six Banyan Trees. The hotel has a classic design and a nice view. Sun Yat-sen Memorial and Yuexiu Park and Mountain are just a step away. Another option is to stay near the Pearl River in LN Five . Hotel. The newly opened hotel features a sleek design and stunning river views from the roof. Vibrant Beijing Street is also quite close.Where to Stay in Guangzhou - Yuexiu District

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Liwan County

Old Town – Liwan is our favorite Guangzhou district. We are inside the so-called Lychee Bay Scenic Area. It is a beautiful street with authentic old houses surrounded by a lush park with a huge lake – Liwan Lake Park. We love walking around this ruined neighborhood and were ecstatic when we stumbled across a lovely Chinese opera in the middle of Liwan Lake Park. We also love to walk down Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and the wonderful colonial neighborhood on Shamian Island. Outstanding! Read more: Where slime is born 1.18Lychee Bay Scenic Area

Hotels in Liwan

For us, the best place to stay in Guangzhou is Old Town. Somehow, it feels magically trapped in time. We stayed Citadines Lizhiwan Hotel Guangzhou, in the Lychee Bay Scenic Area. The hotel is a beautiful neoclassical building that is part of a pedestrian zone filled with authentic old houses. Shamian Island is another great spot. The Guangdong Victory Hotel is a beautiful colonial building on the island. This elegant hotel offers comfortable rooms, a fitness center and a sauna. Where to Stay in Guangzhou - Liwan . District

Tianhe District

You’ll find neighborhoods like Tianhe, Guangzhou’s business district, in most of China’s other megacities. But there’s one thing that sets this area apart: its huge pedestrian zone. Yes, skyscrapers are impressive, and Canton Tower really beautiful, but the green oasis inside Zhujiang road is called Huacheng Square (Flower City Square) is quite unique. That’s what cities should be about: enjoying a peaceful stroll. Don’t forget to check Guangzhou Opera House and Guangdong Museum at the end of the square.Canton Tower

Hotels in Tianhe

If you are wondering where to stay when you come to Guangzhou for business, your best choice is Thien Ha. You won’t find family-owned hotels or motels here. Instead, the hotels are very large and geared towards business travelers. The H’ Elite Hotel, right next to Huacheng Square in the heart of the district, blends modern and traditional design. The room is big and has a great view. Another nice hotel nearby is Leeden Hotel Guangzhou. This contemporary Chinese-style hotel features all modern amenities, including a gym and swimming pool. Of course, the views are pretty cool too.Where to Stay in Guangzhou - Tianhe District

Best place to stay in Guangzhou

Near the pedestrian street

Everyone is talking about great places to visit in Guangzhou. However, most tourists overlook the cool pedestrian streets of the city. We love them! That’s where you can feel the vibrant energy of Guangzhou. Beijing Street, north of the Pearl River, is by far the most popular river. Seems like the whole city is there, buy in luxury international stores. On the other hand, Shangxiajiu Street has a Chinese vibe. Full of Chinese knockoffs! Shamian Road is the main drag on Shamian Island, and it’s quite different. We love walking in the shade of centuries-old trees to admire the elegant buildings. Go all the way to Maima Street, in front of Sacred Heart Church to find street vendors selling all kinds of products. Finally, don’t forget to visit Lychee Bay Road inside Lychee Bay Scenic Area.Where to Stay in Guangzhou - Shamian Island

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Best places to visit in Guangzhou

Neighborhood Spirit

One afternoon we were walking around Liwan Lake Park when we listen to music. It’s a live Chinese Opera under the big trees! Great music and voices, and great costumes. This is a memory we will carry with us forever. Later, we learned that they regularly hold Peking opera performances at the park. House of Xiguan. These Chinese merchant houses date back to the early 20th century. Although they are scattered throughout the entire vicinity, the area around Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and Enning Road continues to be particularly interesting. Huacheng Square is the center of contemporary China. We had a great time strolling about the big green between the buildings. You’ll get to admire some of China’s most impressive modern architecture. Read more: He sings, wrestles, and fakes a Mexican accent. But Jack Black alone couldn’t wrap his head around ‘Nacho Libre.’Grand theater in the park

Great building

Beijing there is Art District 798, Shanghai contemporary art district M50 and Guangzhou Redtory. Trendy restaurants and fancy art galleries have set up a base in this old abandoned canning factory. As you can imagine, this area is a favorite hangout for young artists and designers. If you don’t have much time in Guangzhou, the building you shouldn’t miss is Chen Clan Ancestors Hall. You can see skyscrapers everywhere, but this building is unique. This is traditional Chinese architecture and interior design. Canton Tower is a masterpiece of 21st century architecture. For a short time, it was the tallest tower in the world. If you have time, head all the way up to its rooftop observatory for some of Guangzhou’s most breathtaking views.Chen Clan Ancestors Hall

Day trips from Guangzhou

The area around Guangzhou is quite attractive. Furthermore, China’s infrastructure makes day trips from Guangzhou very easy. We recommend going to Diaolou watchtower. The UNESCO World Heritage towers represent a unique combination of Chinese and Western decorative and structural forms. River Li. The impressive Karst Mountains of various forms and shapes line about 50 kilometers of the river. It’s a wonderful place to admire our planet and one of our favorite places around the world. Mount Danxia, another World Heritage Site. Huge high cliffs surround the rock formations of Danxia Landform.River Li

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Tips for navigating Guangzhou

As you may know, you cannot use international apps like Facebook, Twitter or Google in Guangzhou. Actually, anywhere in China. That means Google Maps is also off. Eitan couldn’t be happier because he doesn’t like fake technology. So how do you get around? Baidoo has the best map of China, but it’s entirely in Chinese. Another option is Bing Maps, but it’s not entirely accurate. So we recommend getting a reliable VPN service. This service allows you to connect to Google Maps as if you were not in China. Eitan recommends writing your hotel address on paper in Chinese. All you have to do is show it and everyone will make sure you get home safely. Even if the locals don’t speak English, the Chinese are very polite and helpful. They took great care of us!Moving around China

How to get to Guangzhou

Most tourists fly to Hong Kongof the airport and then catching a train to Guangzhou. You can take the old line or the new bullet train. Old train Departure from Hong Kong Hung Hom Station in Kowloon and to Guangzhou East Railway Station. There are 9 trains daily and the journey takes about 2 hours. High speed train Departure from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and come Guangzhou South Station. There are more than 30 trains per day and the journey takes about 1 hour. Please note that there is an airport 28 km from Guangzhou. Foreigners going there can get 72 hours free stopover visa Read more: where is whatsapp headquarters | Top Q&A

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