where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen

where to put the small kitchen microwave 2 Microwaves are an incredibly common kitchen appliance in modern kitchens, unfortunately, they’re a relatively bulky appliance and can take up quite a bit of space in the kitchen. If your kitchen space is limited, it can be difficult to figure out where to place your microwave. The more space the better. and placements can benefit your small kitchen and help you store your microwave without sacrificing precious kitchen space.

8 places you can place a microwave in a small kitchen


Kitchen organization is key to being productive when it comes to cooking meals, cleaning dishes, packing school lunches, and hosting guests. Owning a small kitchen can be a challenge in itself, but we don’t want you to give up having a microwave because you don’t like it. Depending on the size of your microwave and how your kitchen is designed, there are many possibilities for where you can place your microwave without taking up too much counter space or being difficult to reach.

Custom cabinets

Possibly the most popular aesthetic of modern kitchens is the use of custom cabinets to keep all appliances tucked away in your cabinet space and out of your limited counter space. By far the most effective. With the use of custom cabinets, you can place your microwave in built-in open spaces:1. On the range: a communal microwave getaway right on your stovetop (not the best option if your kitchen has a hood).42. Above your oven: Many modern kitchen owners will have a column of their appliances where their single or double oven is underneath their microwave.where to place a small kitchen microwave 13. In the surrounding cabinets: another popular choice where you create a little nook for your microwave where it fits perfectly surrounded by your other cabinets and a set of decor.2Read more: Where do unicorns live? | Top Q&AI if your small kitchen already has these features, they are definitely your best bet for a sleek and modern aesthetic while keeping your microwave tidy. Your microwave has electromagnetic access inside, but it’s a great way to hide it from view or keep it far away, especially if you don’t use it often and have free space.

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Custom shelves

Another option that can be a bit more cost-effective than custom cabinets is custom shelving. Shelves can also act as a focal point for your kitchen if you choose something that guests can see, such as open shelves where you can store decorative dishes, spices and even your microwave. Not only is it visually appealing and enhances your kitchen, but it’s also sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a microwave oven that can reach 55 pounds. Hanging shelvesA great option for those wondering where to put a microwave in a small kitchen is to use a microwave oven rack under a tall cabinet. Another custom shelving option would be a top shelf that you would install just below the cabinets if your kitchen has tall cabinets with ample space between them and your counter. You can also use hanging shelves. These are the best options if your kitchen is small as it borders an island or dining bar. Wall Brackets Placement of microwave in small kitchenSimply mount a rack or wall mount on your bar or island and store the microwave inside. Make sure the bracket can support the weight of your microwave before installing. It’s not uncommon for cabinets directly below your countertop to have drawers or faux decor that can be repurposed into a rack to hold your microwave.

Baker’s Rack, Hutch Pantry or Microwave Rack

A baker’s shelf and pantry are both great kitchen accessories for small kitchens with very limited counter space or pantry but don’t have space along a wall. use, where they can fit one of these devices. but they are also optimal locations for your microwave. We also consider a microwave rack as an option. Baker’s Rack Placement of microwave in small kitchenCake racks are best for a small kitchen with limited space along an open wall, either by length or height.Read more: The best Oakland neighborhoods for singles and young professionals age | Top Q&AT units tend to be smaller than home pans and will include 2-4 shelves so you can store bulky items, such as a microwave, teapot, or machine make coffee, so they’re off your main counter. You can also store smaller items like condiments, pans, and cookware jars, to free up space in your cabinets. The microwave can be placed on one of the spacious shelves or you can place it on the built-in countertop of the rack. This Mr IRONSTONE Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack looks great and has great reviews. Hutch Pantry Placement of microwave in small kitchenMany kitchen owners dream that one day they can have a walk-in butler’s pantry, but if you’re looking for some extra storage in your kitchen and a place to put the microwave waves, a standard hutch pantry will do the trick. larger than backer racks because they are built with spacious cabinets above and below the built-in counter. Buying a pantry pantry is a big decision, so you’ll probably want to shop around, but there are some great options on Amazon that you can check out here that will give you a number of ideas. Dedicated microwave rack Placement of microwave in small kitchenObviously, you could just put the microwave on the countertop and get it done. The kitchen countertop may be the easiest place to access and store the microwave. There are electrical outlets all around the counter around your counter, they’re sturdy enough to withstand the weight of even the heaviest microwaves and you don’t have to reach for the air. However, placing the microwave directly on the counter along with other kitchen essentials can easily lead to cluttered counter space leaving you with little room to work. Still providing more storage space would be to use a microwave rack. Similar to shelf racks, these offer a sturdy option for creating vertical spaces as well as giving you a place on top to store spices, jars of ingredients, and other items. Microwave racks are a great solution for storing microwaves in small kitchens when you simply can’t think of another way to fit a microwave in a small kitchen. The MITTO Expandable Microwave Rack is highly rated on Amazon and offers additional storage options that our small kitchen dwellers are sure to appreciate. Luckily, there are plenty of places, such as in your cabinets or on custom shelving, where you can stash them and make sure they don’t get in the way of your kitchen chores. to increase the storage space around your microwave, as well as find a new location for it without the need for custom work settings.

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