Where to Put a Humidifier

Humidifiers have been shown to make a significant difference in overall health and comfort (1). However, unless you are an expert in humidifiers, the use of such devices can seem confusing, especially when it comes to location. To get the most out of it, it’s important to have the right placement. Knowing where to put a humidifier can be frustrating – should it be right on top of your nightstand? How is it safe to place near the crib for the baby? Where should it be in the living room? Today, we’ll answer your questions by guiding you from room to room.

Location of the humidifier in the bedroom


Before proceeding with adding and setting up your humidifier, we recommend using a hygrometer. This neat device will tell you how much moisture is in your bedroom air. You may find that there are more in some areas. If so, place the humidifier in a place with the least amount of moisture. This step is not very important but it will help you find the perfect position. The exact location of the humidifier depends on the number of people sleeping in the room and the size of your apartment. If many people share the space, you should use a large humidifier. For large models, the best location is in a corner, 3 feet or more from the bed. This is where it can get confusing. Where to place the humidifier also depends on the type. Here are a few examples:

Location of warm mist humidifier

A warm mist humidifier is great if you have a cold, are suffering from allergies, or often feel stuffy. However, you need to be careful, do not leave it near the bed when you are sleeping. Place it in the corner or at least a few feet away from you. During the day, you can put it on the nightstand to humidify the air before going to bed.

Cool steam generator in the bedroom

Cool-Mist humidifier on the tableCool mist humidifiers work a little differently, so they are considered safer than warm mist humidifiers. Therefore, you can easily place them near your bed during colds or allergy flare-ups. On normal days, place it at least 3 feet away when you’re sleeping. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should leave some space between the wall and the device. Some models require a specific amount of traffic to function correctly. However, by placing it directly against the wall, you are hindering this.

Where In The Living Room Should I Place The Humidifier?

Humidifier on the tableRead more: Where do large-scale collisions often occur? | FAQs Top Putting a humidifier in the living room is a great way for everyone to benefit. You don’t need to worry about arrangements as everyone is awake and alert. However, there are some points you should aim for.

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Where is the request?

The best place is simply where it is needed most. To find that location, we recommend pulling out the hygrometer again. Then, find a place that won’t be easily damaged by water. Stay away from wooden furniture, tech gadgets, and electrical outlets.

Consider the account’s room size

You should also consider the size of the room and the humidifier. Having a large humidifier in a small living room is not ideal. The device will generate too much fog, creating a humid environment. This can eventually lead to mold. In medium or large rooms, you can place a humidifier almost anywhere. The machine will work to distribute steam evenly, thus maintaining the right humidity level.

Avoid radiators and vents

The last thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid keeping the humidifier near radiators or vents. Placing the unit near a heat source can affect the humidity readings. So if your humidifier has a built-in hygrometer, it will produce lower results due to low humidity air coming from the vents. necessary, needs. Therefore, it is best to place it in the center position.

Should the Humidifier Be Placed On The Table Or On The Floor?

Humidifier on the floorPlace the humidifier on the table or the floor depending on the different circumstances. Large humidifiers are not ideal for placing on a table or stand. This is especially true if you have pets or small children who can pull it down. If you place the machine on the floor, make sure that you have a protective layer between the machine and the surface. This can be a tray or other water-resistant material that will catch water droplets and spills, saving your carpet or floor. Make sure they can’t accidentally push a button or otherwise change your settings. However, whenever possible, raise the device – this ensures even fog distribution. In particular, for mist humidifiers, try to set them as high as possible. Drops from this device need time to mix with the atmosphere. If left on the floor, they may fall without properly evaporating. If you don’t have a table suitable for a humidifier, you can invest in a small plastic table. Or, use a towel or cloth underneath the machine.

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Location in the bathroom

You don’t always need a humidifier in the bathroom. The idea behind these machines is to restore moisture in a room with dry air. However, in the bathroom, the air usually contains enough moisture due to the watery environment. Read more: where to film the house of the card | Top Q & AW Said, if you have a large bathroom or are suffering from a cold, a humidifier can help improve the air. The same rules as above apply. Use a hygrometer to check the humidity and set it up accordingly. Avoid turning on the humidifier after showering. You don’t want to create too much steam, which can lead to mold. Also, make sure you vent the bathroom afterwards, again, to avoid harmful mold buildup (4).

Location in Children’s Room

Humidifier in children's roomUsing a humidifier in your child’s bedroom is a great way to prevent dry skin, airborne viruses, and allergens. However, before placing the machine, consider how many children sleep in the room and the size of the machine. The larger the room with more children, the larger the need for a humidifier and vice versa. Again, use a hygrometer to find the perfect spot – just make sure to place it at least 3 feet away from the bed. Also, try to find a spot high up so they can’t pass or interfere with the settings.

Location in the Incubator

Humidifier in the nurseryA humidifier has the same benefits for babies as it does for children and adults. Again, with daycare, look for a place where moisture is needed, avoid placing it on a nightstand near the crib if your child is older. When they wake up at night, they can knock it down or even drag it into the crib. If you have a wardrobe facing the bed then that’s perfect. Otherwise, the air can become too humid, creating a humid environment that is not good for your baby (6). One final tip is to choose a quiet humidifier for the nursery. Most models will buzz or make a noise, but some models make a loud gurgling or gurgling sound. These can wake up your baby.

Dangerous places for humidifiers and additional tips

There are many good points to a humidifier, but there are also bad points. Here are some places to avoid:

  • Near electrical outlets: Due to the way humidifiers work, placing them near an electrical outlet can lead to rust or short circuit. Water can leak and cause problems with your home’s electrical system.
  • Stay away from technology: Avoid spots near things like TVs and computers. Drops or spills may damage such items or cause electrical fires.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Never leave the humidifier next to a window. When exposed to the sun, the water inside can produce bacteria, which the machine will evaporate for you to breathe in. This can lead to breathing problems, if not life-threatening, for people with asthma or allergies.
  • Carpet discount: Putting a humidifier directly on the carpet can not only damage the carpet, but it can also lead to mold. Always place a plastic tray or other material underneath to protect the surface.
  • Relatively accessible places: Do not place the humidifier in a place where you may forget it or find it difficult to reach. You want a place that you can attend if service or cleaning is needed. Also, in case of overheating, you must be able to access it to turn it off.
  • Regular cleaning: If you place your humidifier near your bed while you sleep, make sure you clean it regularly. Standing water is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. So if the water is not clean, you will breathe in harmful substances (7).
  • Pay attention to indoor humidity: Because we hear so much about the benefits of a humidifier, we forget to be cautious. One mistake many of us make is over-humidifying the air in our homes by running the appliance continuously. Keep indoor humidity at 30 to 50 percent (8).
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Make the humidifier right for you

Using a humidifier is a great way to reduce viruses and allergens in the air. It can also help relieve dry skin and congestion during colds or allergy flare-ups. However, for best results, you need to know where to place the humidifier. A general rule of thumb is to put it where it’s needed. By using a hygrometer, you can check where the air lacks moisture and then set it up accordingly. For a child’s bedroom or nursery, always use a cool mist humidifier to prevent potential hazards. Read more: Where is the oasis in the fallout 3

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