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Your horse is your constant companion in Red Dead Redemption 2 and that comes in handy. Quests that involve racing or chasing someone are easier when you have a fast horse with lots of stamina. Quests that require fighting on horseback are better if your horse is in good health. The Tennessee Walker you get at the start of the game is kind and easy to ride, but it’s not a good horse. It has a slow and very weak gait. The draft horse you get in the quest “Exit, chased by a bruised ego” in Chapter 2 is only slightly better. Indeed, the best horse you can buy in the early part of the game, a Dutch Warmblood, has a lot of health and stamina, but is still pretty slow. And it costs $450. Read: where to find the white Arabian horse rdr2 Luckily, there is a much better horse – one of the best in the whole game – that you can get for free after completing the quest “Exit” and be given access to the barn. Here’s how you get it and why you want it.

Arabian horses are the best horses


Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 are grouped into categories to show you what they’re good at. Those categories are riding, draft, work, race, and war. They also have handling styles, to give you an idea of ​​how they ride. However, those styles are standard, racing and heavyweight. You want an Arabian horse, but the road to getting one is not easy. Read more: How to spot fake Louis Vuitton belts | Top Q&AT The best horse in the game is the pink-grey gulf Arabian, ranked 7th in health and endurance, and 6th in speed and acceleration. Health and stamina can be increased by three points through the horse link, and speed and acceleration can be increased by two points with the brace, so this horse will reach 10 health and stamina and 8 about speed and acceleration once you have it plugged in and fully linked Trouble is it doesn’t show up for purchase in a cage until very late in the game – you can only buy it at the end, after Chapter 6 And you’ll have to pay $1,250 once it’s available. You can buy a black Arabian stallion with a 6 in each stat in Chapter 4 for $1,050, but it’s still a great investment of time and money. Focus on the white Arabian horse if you want to get the best upgrade as quickly as possible.

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Why is the white Arabian horse so good

You can tame the White Arabian as early as Chapter 2, and it has the same speed and acceleration 6 as the other Arabians, but only 6 in health and stamina. This means it will have 8 in each stat once you’re fully attached to it, which is a huge improvement over every other horse you can buy in the early chapters of the game. In contrast, the $450 Dutch Warmblood has 5 health and 6 Stamina, but only 4 speed and 3 speedup. The White Arabian stallion also blows away the Ardennes Warhorse that you may have received when pre-ordering the game, and the Dappled Black Cross that you get if you purchase the Special Edition or the Ultimate Edition. I was able to complete the sixth horseman challenge, which requires you to ride from Strawberry to Saint Denis in nine minutes without touching water. My plan is to ride the white Arabian until I can reach the pinkish gray Arabian bay at the end of the game.Head to the western shore of Lake Isabella to find the white Arabian.

Where to find the best horse

You’ll find Lake Isabella to the west of the Grizzlies in the state of Ambarino – the snowy mountain region in the far northwest corner in Red Dead Redemption 2’s map. The white Arabian stallion hangs out on the lake’s west shore Read more: Where in Perth – The 6 Best Areas for Your Visit Manually save your game before entering the area. The horse will rush away if you do not tame it and it will be difficult to find it again. Approach it slowly, so you can press the square/X button to calm it as soon as it starts to get nervous. The horse will try to push you away after you attach it, so be ready to press on the left analog lever to calm it down and move on. Then you just put the saddle on it. The first clue to tracking the bison was on the island in the middle of the lake.

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Why the horse is worth the effort

The fully linked white Arabian can run long distances at an impressive top speed, and it feels almost like a cheat code as you move around the map while doing quests or challenges. . Such a fast horse is a huge upgrade in the early hours of the game. Be aware that there seems to be only one white Arabian horse in the game, and horses can die – permanently – if you’re not careful. Make sure to always carry a Horse Reviver with you in case your horse gets seriously injured, and save your game manually every so often so you can reload it to a recent save should there be some sort of disaster. significantly shorter than if they were on an inferior horse. Treat the white Arabian fish well, feed it regularly and brush its coat so that its stamina does not deteriorate. The pursuer will not be able to catch you and the target will not be able to outrun you. Everything about your early to mid game experience will be better. You will be glad you did. Read more: 10 * Joy * Score Guys Have (Turn Him On Like Never Before!)

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