where to find silent princess botw

This is a guide on how to raise Silent Princesss, an ingredient in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Find out where to get Silent Princesss, its purchase and sale prices, and what you can do with it.

Silent Princess General Information


Silent Princess Product Type Material This lovely flower is said to be the favorite of the princess of Hyrule. Once feared extinct, it has recently been discovered growing in the wild.

Silent Princess Effect

Heart Recovery No Cooking Effect None

Silent Princess Purchase price

Purchase price –

The place for the Prince’s farm to be silent

The location and source of the silent princess

General locations ・ Hyrule Ridge ・ West Necluda

How to quickly silence the princess farm

Mount SatoriBotW - How the Princess Farm is silent - Satori topqa.infoReading: where to find the silent princess bot ☆ = Silent princess The best place to raise the Silent Princess is north of the Mogg Latan temple on Mount Satori.Read more: where are the most active metals located | Q&AFrom Mogg Latan Shrine top, go to the back of the temple and climb up. Before reaching the 3 pillars, there should be 2 Silent Princess flowers nearby, go through the 3 pillars, you will see a cherry blossom tree with a small lake. There should be 4 Silent Princess flowers, you should have about 6 Silent Princess flowers.

What to do with the Silent Prince

Sell ​​for Rupees

Silent Princess can be sold for 10 Rupees. However, we recommend that you consider other uses. Sale item Silent Princess 10

Use it for cooking

Read more: Jace Norman biography: age, height, girlfriend, movies and TV shows Gentle Princess can be used to create the following recipes and wines. There are no entries for this item.

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Use it to upgrade armor

Silent Princess can be used to upgrade the following armors through the Great Fairy. Champion’s Tunic Stealth Chest Guard Stealth Tights Sheik’s MaskMaterials & topqa.infoList of all itemsRead more: 13 Best Hotels and Resorts in El Nido Palawan | Top Q&A

All items by category

BotW Item Creature Materials Ore (Treasure) Booty (Monster Parts) Food Elixir

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