where to find salvage in warframe

“High-value materials collected from wartime rescue”Read: where to find salvation in warframe



Split metal and other materials all in one. Salvage is the base material for crafting most things needed in Warframe no matter how or for what it’s used.SF-2Rescue is required for some blueprints as well as research in the Dojo. Stocking it will pay off as you get more blueprints that you’ll be making soon.

Where is Salvage Farm?

If you know how to farm Salvage, that won’t be a problem, that’s why you need to know exactly where the key is.SF-3Salvage along with many other resources can be farmed on Mars, Jupiter and Sedna. I usually farm in two missions because they seem to not only provide the resources I need, but also give me a large amount as well as some other bonuses.


1) Elara

SF-4Read more: Underground, underwater or frozen snakes: how do frogs and toads spend the winter? Elara is a low level quest and the enemies don’t pose much of a threat. There are also plenty of storage bins as well as lockers. Corpus’ enemies in this quest pose little or no threat, and you can complete the quest a lot faster than you intended.SF-5The Corpus moves slowly and doesn’t offer much protection at low levels. A good weapon with a simple build will be enough to take them down within one or two hits. as well as but better when you with a team for more enemies.SF-6Going through with Elara will give you an amount of about 1000-5000 lifesavers in five minutes’ time.Also Read: Circuits FarmingAlso read: Agriculture polymer bundles

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2) Camera

SF-7Cameria is a great mission for Salvage farming and many say it’s the best place to farm Salvage. Read more: Where to earn earthquakes in brilliant diamonds Salvage I have, you might think I know quite a bit about how Salvage farm. Ark areas like Cameria give a nice boost in drop rate, for this mission we get 20% and that’s pretty good most of the time.SF-8This mission is practically the same as Elara except that enemies are infected instead of Corpus and some of the paths have been changed along with the facility being devastated by the intrusion. them out and kill them from long range or you can roam to kill them. Because, there are a lot of things that are stacked, especially the lockers as some even have four in a row or are accessible.SF-9Since you will be killing a lot of infected, you can expect to get an average of 1000 to 7000 Salvage in about five minutes.Payment procedures: All instructional resources are hereSF-10Once you know where to go, you will soon know how to rescue the farm soon enough. Finding a quest that gives you a steady stream of kills is key. It only takes you half an hour to get a large amount of Salvation and spend time stocking up on these that will be very useful for later. For detailed instructions on how to farm resources, click here to see different ways to farm as well as instructions on what can be used to farm efficiently.Read more: Carambola | Top Q&A

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