where to find neural sensors in warframe

Neural sensors are rare components used to make some gears. They are necessary ingredients to craft Forma as well as various Warframe psychoactive drugs and systems among other weapons. This ingredient is quite rare but in most situations players can farm in large quantities without even realizing it. where to find the neural sensor in warframeAlso find other resource farming tutorials:

  • spore nano
  • Neuron
  • Tellurium
  • Process
  • Ferrite
  • Gene pattern
  • Polymer bundles
  • Oxium
  • Plastids
  • Rubedo

How to equip neural sensor?


You can easily get Neural Sensors by killing certain bosses or by farming them on specific missions on different planets. They can drop from containers but this is only a small chance and it is more effective to kill a large number of enemies in planets with Neural Sensors on their drop table with a team to make sure you get a big chunk of it every run. Using the farming Warframe in endless quests where Neural Sensors drop is a good way to make sure you get a good amount of resources.

Where is the neural sensor farm?

The only places where Neurosensors can be cultured are Jupiter and Fort Kuva. While Jupiter is an easier place to grow crops, Fort Kuva is known to have dropped a bunch of Neural Sensors in its survival quest. Top Q&A Depending on how you try to complete the missions, you can make a lot of money focusing on getting a team as well as raising the Warframes. more rewarding for the more experienced.

Neural sensor Farming position

Taveuni (Kuva Fortress) – Survival

As mentioned earlier, Kuva Fortress has a great chance to drop a lot of Neural Sensors as long as you can handle the enemies as they can quickly level up. Good for fast farming Neural Sensors. Even when farming solo in this mission you will be able to get a large number of Neural Sensors but when doing with a team you can get a bunch of them. This is also great for Kuva farming and allows you to get multiple resources in a single run.

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Cameria (Jupiter) – Dark Sector: Survival

Cameria is a Dark Sector survival quest on Jupiter and is basically an infected version of Elara (also a good place to farm Neural Sensors) but since Cameria has a Dark Sector reward of 20 % resource reduction rate, it becomes a better place to farm.Read more: Brisket Exploration Place As a World Class Pitmaster | Top Q&A. Jupiter Infected is lower level than Kuva Fort (where you fight the Grineer) and is much easier to kill, allowing you to stay and farm longer during the quest. Bringing in Warframes that can force loot on enemies like Nekros and Hydroid or even both makes farming Neural Sensors very easy.

Themisto (Jupiter) – Assassination: Alad V

Themisto is like a quick run to get Neural Sensors and is one of the most popular but not always easy methods of giving you the components. In order to successfully farm Neural Sensors in Themisto, you will need to be quick and also pay attention to the storage containers. Alad V (as well as Zanuka) and once this has been done there is a good chance they drop the Neural Sensor. Players can farm a large amount of Neural Sensors on Themisto by grinding the level multiple times.


If players aren’t used to it, they should focus on farming Neural Sensors by repeating Themisto and dashing through the level while also trying to get resources from enemies and loot containers. A good farm session for Neural Sensors on Themisto will be around 5-10 runs. will get you Neural Sensor. If you want to do a long Neural Sensor farming session for many components, Taveuni will be the best choice for those who can handle it while Cameria is an easier alternative. Warframe is fast but Taveuni and Cameria are more effective against a team. Read more: Where to find clay in Minecraft

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