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Video Where to Find the Eevee in pokemon x The world of Kalos in Pokemon X and Y is a vast landscape with secrets at every turn. If you are a complete cultist, then you will no doubt know that Generation VI includes a whole new innovation. to forget all about everyone’s favorite Eevee fox/tanoki/dog hybrid, and the fun that comes from catching them all and growing them from scratch.

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So, without further ado, here is a Pocket Gamer guide to catch and evolve every achievement in Pokemon X and Y. Eeevee First thing first, if you are planning to collect all the Eevee evolutions available in X and Y, you will need an Eevee skulk. To be precise, nine, you have two choices when it comes to catching Eevees. The first choice involves you heading north out of Cyllage City, then adventuring along 10th Street, past the first yellow bloom. There, you’ll find another similar cluster of yellow flowers lying near a woman with dark hair, dressed in green, or further down the path that leads to a rocky area. Either of these areas – eventually – will spawn an Eevee. Weaken it, then capture it. optionally, if repetitive spamming of the same area sounds too repetitive to you, regarding hybridization. Catch a male and female Eevee from the area mentioned above – or capture an Eevee and catch a Ditto from the Pokemon Sanctuary in the Winding Forest, then use the Ditto to emulate the opposite sex – and let both two at the Pokemon Day Care center located along 7th Street. Usually, the couple will make an egg. When this happens, take the egg with you on your travels and it will hatch, giving you a newborn Eevee. Then it’s just a case of repeating the process until you have enough Eevees to complete all the evolutions. However, the following should be noted: although this method is easier, it also takes more time. Jolteon eevee 3ds jolteon evolution guideBy now, you should have more Eevees than you know what to do, so let’s grow together. Read more: Can BOTOX® be injected on the face? | Top Q & AT The first achiever we’ve been chasing is Jolteon, you find that the stone needed to evolve it is just a few steps from where you caught your first Eevee. This section is made up of three zones, each separated by a knee-high wall. Go forward until you hit the second wall. From there, go left along the south side of the wall until you hit a Pokeball. You have found your storm. Now, go into your pocket and use thunder on the Eevee, and you’ve got yourself a Jolteon. Espeon and Umbreon epseon and Osin eeveelutionsSimply put, Umbreon and Espeon are as different as night and day… literally. To evolve into these two species, you’ll have to treat your Eevee like a god. After putting it on your party, give it a soothing chime to keep. Anything you can think of to enhance a Pokemon’s friendship (not to be confused with the affection gained from Pokemon Amie), do so. Umbrella. Flareon and Vaporeon flareon and vaporeon eeveelutionsYou have a few options with this one. You can walk aimlessly in the hope of finding a flint and water. Or you can complete training regiments to be awarded different stones. Or you can easily go out and buy them from a store. Because, well, it will be easier. From there, head to Vernal Avenue and enter the Stone Emporium store (located opposite the high-end clothing store). Inside is a lady who will sell you one flint and one waterstone for $2,100 a box. Who says the easy path isn’t the best? Glaceon eevee 3ds 1 glaceon evolution guideFirst, you’ll need a Pokemon that can use the ‘surf’ move. Once you’ve obtained one from the inventory, head to Dendemille Town and then leave across the bridge located north of town. You will find yourself in the snowy mountains on the road leading to Frost Cavern. To avoid constant battles, feel free to use Max Repel.Read more: where cindy girl furniture is made | Top Q&A Go through the cave, go up the stairs through the doorway on the right. Progress further and you will eventually find a small stream. Next, use the surf to get to the other side of the stream. Follow the path around and go down the stairs. Do you see the big glacier in the middle of the room? It’s a rock. Run around until your Max Repel wears off, then level up an Eevee while near the rock. It will evolve into a Glaceon after completing a battle Or for a shy battle: use a rare candy next to the rock to level up Eevee without lifting a finger. Leafeon eevee 3ds leafeon evolution guideLeafeon evolves the same way Glaceon does… a mossy rock instead. Upon entering the first area, you will see an area covered with grass with a rock in the center. Then cause any attacking Pokemon to faint with an Eevee in your party. Hey presto: you will leave with Leafeon. As simple as. Sylveoneevee sylveon 3ds evolution guide 1 By far, Sylveon requires the most effort to develop. But with great effort, overly powerful moves will turn any battle in your favor. Upgrade an Eevee until it learns one or go to the move prompt, give her a heart rate scale, and have her teach Eevee a low-level move like Baby Doll Eyes. You want this Eevee to be your BFF, so let Pokemon Amie go with you to maximize its affection (heart bar). The fastest way to do this is: feed it, play a game, then feed it Poke Puffs until it’s full. Once you’ve done all of that, repeat the process from the beginning. The fairy move combined with full affection means it will evolve into the Sylveon fairy type. Congratulations, you just finished your final project. Want more? Check out our other 73 Pokemon X / Pokemon Y articles! Read more: Biological father Danielle Busby, How did he die? | Top Q&A

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