Where to find clay in Minecraft

Video Where to Find Minecraft ClayClay is a block in Minecraft that is actually not used for many things in the game. Clay can be turned into terracotta simply by melting it in a furnace. Terracotta is a type of block that the player can use to build things with decorations. Stone can also be converted into clay bricks. These bricks can be used by players in Minecraft to create their own houses and save spawn points when using the bed. A furnace is created using eight cobblestone blocks and is activated by using fuel. You can easily find fuel around Minecraft and there are different types of items that can be used as fuel, but coal is the best. In this article, players will know how to find clay in Minecraft!

Where is the clay located in Minecraft


Combination of sand, dust and water

Clay is usually found in places where there is a combination of sand, water, and dirt. These locations can be easily found near desert biomes and near lakes in Minecraft. Clay can also be found near shallow water, if the player mines near shallow water there is a chance they will encounter clay while mining.


(Image via Minecraft)Read more: Quick Answer: Where are Bookmarks Stored on Android? | Top Q & AClay can be found inside chests around Minecraft world if player is lucky. Players can find clay lying inside chests while exploring the Minecraft world. Players can find chests inside villages, caves, ravines, dungeons, Nethers, etc. Players can move anything found inside the chests into their inventory.

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(Image via programming manual)Clay can be found commonly around the coast of the islands. This is where the island is about to be cut off and turned into water. Players can find clay commonly found around these areas simply by mining around. Subscribe to Sportskeeda Minecraft’s YouTube channel for more in-game updates! Avatar

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