where to find argon crystals in warframe

There is one resource on Warframe that you cannot hoard, which is the Argon Crystal. This resource will disappear from your inventory after 24 hours. You usually get it when dropped from the Orokin Void as well as some assassinations. Read: where to find argon crystals in warframe Radioactive resources based on decay after being removed from the Void. Since they are hard to find and only last for a day, you should only farm them when needed. As well as disappearing after 24 hours, Argon Crystals are difficult to obtain. You may go farming for 20 minutes and not find any, other times you may find 5 or 10 in just a few minutes.

Best Warframes for Argon Crystal Farming


A great team to raise Argon Crystals would be:

  • Pilfering Swarm Hydroid
  • Speed ​​Nova
  • Trinity Vampire Energy
  • and Desecrate Nekros

Squad combos are best when running Defense and Survival missions.

List of blueprints that require Argon crystals

Argon Crystals are required for different Warframes and Weapons. They are also needed to make the Larger Lens. Here are some blueprints for which you will need this source, although there may be others:

  • Dragon Nikana
  • Valkyr Prime chassis
  • Vauban Prime chassis
  • Trinity Prime Chassis
  • Zhuge Liang
  • Oberon Prime Systems
  • Hydroid Prime chassis
  • Arca Titron
  • Limbo Prime Chassis
  • Nekros Prime Chassis
  • Pandero

The best way to farm Argon Crystals

There are different ways to farm this resource. Because of their heavy reliance on RNG (random number generation) some of the following methods may work better/badly when you try them. also good to increase resource drop rate and you can also enable resource boost feature. Read more: where growing up takes place | Top Q&AVoid is the best place to farm Argon Crystals. It used to be the only place to get them. However, there are now more possibilities like performing Isolation Vaults in Deimos.

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Method #1: Complete the Void Capture or Destroy Quest

Pick and complete your quest, then look around and split any Argon Deposits you find. This will give you lots of Argon Crystals, which is the fastest way to farm Argon Crystals without a whole team. can automatically gather resources if you are running the carrier with a vacuum.

Method #2: Complete the Void Defense or Survival Quest

You can get between 30 and 50 Argon Crystals an hour by running efficiently while squatting farming. Desecrate Nekros, a petty hydroid, becomes a worthy member of the team, as does Smeeta Kavat. Only gather when Charm is activated so you can get double loot. On a survival mission, find a room with a hole in it, keep killing and farm enemies, while letting a tanky guy look around and turn on life support modules.

Method #3: Go to the Weekly Ayatan Sculpture Mission

This Maroo-level quest is a good way to get away from the crystals, as long as the puzzle set is Void. If you don’t start the quest, there is no time limit, all you need to do is run around with Atterax and Desecrate Nekros to fight your enemies. lethal weapon.

Best Void Quest to Cultivate Argon Crystals

Let’s take a look at the best drum quests for Argon Crystal Farming

Mission 1: Ani – Void (ACF-5)

You can get Argon Crystals from this quest as well as other resources you may need in the future. This is the lowest survival quest you can do in the Void, so it shouldn’t be too hard to deal with the enemies and stay there longer to kill them so you can get the Argon Crystals.Read more: Hatcher family This is one of the best places to raise Argon Crystals as you have a chance to see containers as well as get drops from killing enemies. While exploring the map they will drop Argon Crystals. Keep in mind that this map is in Void so the enemies seem very strong to new players.

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MISSION #2: Ukko – Void

Do you want to run faster? If so, consider the quest to capture Ukko in the Void. You can finish it in minutes. It’s a pretty easy way to farm Argon Crystals. You can also find agricultural relics there that can be used to equip key equipment.

MISSION #3: Oxomoco – Void (ACFU-2)

If you prefer killing people to looting, then this Void extermination mission could be a good choice. container where you can also find resources.

Tips & Tricks for Growing Argon Crystals

  • While the Void is the best place to find these resources, you can still get them in Deimos if you do the Isolation Vault Bounties and get the loot by unlocking the vaults.
  • The drop rate of Argon Crystals is low compared to other resources but you can still get lucky sometimes especially when having Hydroid or Nekros on your team for extra loot.
  • Check how long until your Argon Crystals expire by looking at them in inventory.
  • Since Argon Crystals will disappear after 24 hours, you should farm them last so they have less chance of going to waste.
  • You can purchase Argon Crystal Decorations for 5 Platinum or Pegmatite Argon Decorations for 20, but these are for display only and not to be used as a resource.


Remember that nothing is guaranteed since Warframe is based on RNG. no luck with RNG, you might want to try playing later or change your daily goal. Read more: Where is the golden key in fable 3

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