Where to Farm Flints: Locations and Prices

This is a guide to raising Flints, an ingredient in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Find out where to get Flints, its buying and selling prices, and what you can do with it.

General information about Flint


Flint Item type Material Hit it with a metal weapon to create sparks. This portable fire starter will break after one use, but it can create a long lasting flame if you use it near firewood.

Purchase price of flint

Purchase price –

Where to farm Flints

Flint location and source

Source ・ Ores ・ Frost Drops Pebblit Igneo Pebblit Stone Pebblit Frost Talus Igneo Talus Stone Talus (Rare) Talus Stone (Bright) Talus Stone

What to do with Flints

Sell ​​for Rupees

Flint can be sold for Rs 5. However, we recommend that you consider other uses.

Use it for cooking

Read more: where can I buy seaweed near me | Top Q & AFlint can be used to complete the following recipes and spirits. There are no entries for this item.

Use it to upgrade armor

Flint can be used to upgrade the following armors through the Great Fairy. Diamond Circlet Opal Earrings Ruby Circlet Sapphire Circlet Topaz EarringsMaterials & topqa.infoList of all items Read more: where are favorites stored in windows 7 | Top Q&A

All items by category

BotW Item Creature Materials Ore (Treasure) Booty (Monster Parts) Food Elixir

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