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Video Where to dispose of Christmas trees and how to recycle Christmas trees after the holiday

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If you got a living Christmas tree this year and now wonder what to do with it: recycle it (how? Where?) Or else, throw it away (how, how much?) then this page will help you. Many cities and counties have a recycling service to give your old Christmas tree a new life as a wildlife sanctuary, on sand dunes to protect a beach, chopped up for mulch or a place to feed the birds. See below on this page for both general tips and options specific to your local area. One tip: some regions now refer to Christmas trees as “Holiday Trees”. Ouch!

What are the recycling options for your Holiday Tree?

After the holiday, don’t throw away your natural plants! Here are some tips on what to do with your tree after the holidays. In general, you have the following options: Read: where to throw away the Christmas tree

Local option

Read more: Where to stay in Cardiff | Top Q & AUIf not otherwise noted, all brackets, lights, decorations and tinsel must be removed. Artificial Christmas trees cannot be recycled. They have to take out the trash. General advice for most managers:

Specific local information is provided below, where applicable. If no local information is provided and you would like to add it, please use the feedback form! Read more: Sun & Moon Pokemon Guide: Where to Find and Catch Rockruff, Pichu, Ditto, Mudbray and Other Useful Pokemon[ Alabama ] [ Alaska ] [ Arkansas ] [ Arizona ] [ California ] [ Colorado ] [ Connecticut ] [ Delaware ] [District of Columbia ] [ Florida ] [ Georgia ] [ Hawaii ] [ Idaho ] [ Illinois ] [ Indiana ] [ Iowa ] [ Kansas ] [ Kentucky ] [ Louisiana ] [ Maine ] [ Maryland ] [ Massachusetts ] [ Michigan ] [ Minnesota ] [ Mississippi ] [ Missouri ] [Montana ] [Nebraska ] [ Nevada ] [ New Hampshire ] [ New Jersey ] [ New Mexico ] [ New York ] [ North Carolina ] [ North Dakota ] [ Ohio ] [ Oklahoma ] [ Oregon ] [ Pennsylvania ] [ Rhode Island ] [ South Carolina ] [ South Dakota ] [ Tennessee ] [ Texas ] [ Utah ] [ Vermont ] [ Virginia ] [ Washington state ] [Washington, DC ] [ West Virginia ] [ Wisconsin ] [ Wyoming ]

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More tips and ideas

  • Remove Plants: The best way to avoid clutter when moving your plants is to place a plastic bag of plants (available at hardware stores) under the stand as you set them up! You can hide it with a tree skirt. Then, when the holidays are over, pull the bag up around the base of the tree, stand and all, and take it outside. Obviously, you’ll want to remove the stand before recycling the tree. If some needles are scattered inside, it is better to sweep them up; because the needle can clog the vacuum cleaner.
  • Recycling / Covering programs are a rapidly growing trend in communities across the country. Check below on this page or with your local public department for information. They plan and chop the plants, then create mulch for use in your garden. Your carrier will notify you of pick up dates in your area. There are several things you must do to get your tree ready to REPLACE. Here are some general tips – but be sure to check with your local manager – these are general guidelines only! To find your local carrier: If it’s a Waste Management Company (WM), click here to find your Local WM Service Provider Website – or click here to contact contact your Local WM Customer Service Center by Phone – find your Local 1-800 Customer Service Center If your local carrier is AW/BFI (now Republic or Allied Waste) – Click here to find your local transporter’s contact information.
  • How and Where to Recycle or Dispose of Your Christmas Tree in 2021 After the HolidaysFences against Soil Erosion: Some communities use Christmas trees as an effective barrier against soil and sand erosion, especially for lake and riverbank stabilization and river delta sediment management (Louisiana) do both). Ocean beach communities often place them in dunes, where they help fix the sand in place.
  • Fish Feeding Places: Planting in private fish ponds makes excellent shelter, spawning and feeding places.
  • Bird Feeder: Place a Christmas tree in your garden or backyard and use it as a bird feeder and sanctuary. Slices of fresh oranges or popcorn will attract birds and they may perch on branches for shelter. (Make sure all decorations, hooks, garlands, and tinsel are removed.) Eventually (within a year) the branches will become brittle and you can break the tree off by hand or with a shredder. See this article from Perdue University for more information.
  • Coating: Biodegradable Christmas tree; Its branches can be cut off, chipped and used as mulch in the garden. If you have a neighbor with a hewer, see if he will cut it for you. Remember to add garden lime to the mulch to combat the acidity.
  • Trails for hiking trails – some counties use shredded trees as a natural, renewable and natural material that suits both the environment and the needs of hikers long!
  • Live, Rooted Tree: Next year, of course, you can get a rooted tree (shadowed and burned or crated) and then plant it in your yard after Christmas (You should dig the hole first at the end of the day). Fall while the soil is still soft, then plant the tree in that hole right after Christmas.) NOTE: Live trees have better survival rates in mild climates than in any climate. in the north. Houseplants can make sense, especially in small apartments or condos.
  • Important: Never burn your Christmas tree in a fireplace or wood stove. Pine, first tree and other evergreen trees have a high content of flammable turpentine oil. Burning trees can contribute to creosote buildup and pose a chimney fire risk.
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And talk about terrible ideas for used Christmas treesI’m putting together a list of the 10 worst ideas for what to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas. Top Q&A

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