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Translating the Bible is a tough job at the best of times. Those who encounter nativity plays or Hollywood epics like Exodus: Gods and Kings are sure to spot flaws, ranging from innocent flaws to total freedom. original source text. Translation work is never without its dangers and pitfalls, but in the case of Bible translation, it has the potential to pose a problem of Biblical proportions. For several centuries, one of the most puzzling philosophical questions was how all those who had lived could simultaneously merge into the Jehoshaphat valley. This issue is relatively unknown at present (trivia players might ask a related question, whether all those who have ever lived can simultaneously merge into the Grand Canyon), but in medieval times and early modern, it was actually considered very urgent. Literally, as we shall see. In the Middle Ages, it was thought that the setting of the Last Judgment was the valley of Jehoshaphat. The source of this belief is the Old Testament Book of Joel, where it says: Let the nations be stirred; Let them go into the valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit to judge all nations on every side. (Joel 3.12; see also 3.2) Further reading: How to find League of Legends replays & highlights If such a place existed when the book was written then all knowledge about it have lost. But in the 4th century AD, an anonymous pilgrim named “the Jehoshaphat valley” for the valley east of Jerusalem, between the city and the Mount of Olives. As a result, in the centuries that followed, the valley was frequently identified as the scene of the Last Judgment.

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Final Judgment

Jehoshaphat Valley: As the tradition of identifying this valley as the site of the Last Judgment gradually took hold, interest began to develop about its suitability for this purpose. One writer noted that the valley “isn’t huge,” while another said it was “relatively as big as the palm of your hand”. The olive runs for many miles, all the way to the Dead Sea, about 20 miles away, historically only the part separating Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives is recognized as the Jehoshaphat valley. , less than a mile wide. Its length is rarely greater. Therefore, it does not take great imaginative effort to discover the degree of tension between the relatively small area created by the valley, and the belief that it has been chosen as the site where all people once lived. will gather together. gave rise to what we might call the “Jehoshaphat problem”. Concern about the matter led to medieval pilgrims placing a stone in the valley to make room for themselves on Judgment Day (unfortunately we don’t know what was supposed to be the fate of the ancient pilgrims). who didn’t take their place).

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Read more: Where is R3 on ps4 The scale of the problem – and the stakes involved – led to some ingenious efforts to find a solution. Some scholars have attempted to prove mathematically that the valley in question is in fact large enough to accommodate everyone. However, numbers can only be made by considering some of the area around the valley as overkill to accommodate people who cannot fit into the valley. to be able to accommodate them all. The most innovative was the suggestion – made many times – that some (and perhaps all) humans would congregate in the air above the valley rather than in the valley itself. rapidly decrease. The reason for this is that throughout the 17th century, European scholars increasingly chose to read the scriptures in the languages ​​in which they were originally written. This was prompted by concerns about the accuracy of the translations they had previously relied on. They discovered that, in Hebrew, “Jehoshaphat” means “judgment of God”. This leads many to assume that, by “the valley of Jerusalem,” the author of Joel meant nothing more than a place God would choose to judge (wherever it might be). ‘ does not denote any particular geographical location, but rather somewhere unknown. So, in the end, there is no need for complicated theological, philosophical or mathematical solutions. When examined closely, by people with the necessary language skills, the Jehoshaphat problem turned out to be no problem at all. Read more: Where to Stay in Ibiza: 10 Best Areas | Top Q&A

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