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With the hit TV series “Greenleaf” starting its fifth and final season on Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), I decided to take a closer look at the impressive mansion where the family lives on the show. Every time I watch it, I find myself gawking at the house and the movies, so I thought it was time to learn more about them! Read: where to live in greenleaf Scholarships in Memphis. He and his wife Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) live in this ancient house with their children and grandchildren. Determined to find out what happened to Faith, she begins to ask questions that some family members don’t want answered. See what I learned about the house and the sets they built for the show!orange divider

Greenleaf Mansion in Memphis


Greenleaf OWN line logo with CastOprah Winfrey is an executive producer and guest-starred as troubled Aunt Mavis on the show. lots of discussion about it. She was unimpressed with the first site chosen as the Greenleaf family home and told director Clement Virgo that a “full” home wouldn’t do anything. However, when Oprah saw this mansion, she said she knew it was perfect and cried, “Bam!” This is it.front gate of Greenleaf villaThe show takes place in Tennessee, but was filmed in Georgia.Greenleaf house filming the outdoor location on the lakeThis used to be a private home but is now the site of the Allen Institute of Entrepreneurship. They state that their mission at the Institute is to “Increase the size and number of minority and women-owned businesses across the United States and globally.”side of the house Greenleaf on PRIVATEAccording to the Allen Institute of Entrepreneurship website: The AEI campus is home to the Allen Executive House, a boutique hotel and residence hall, the Allen Convention Center and Miss Rebecca’s home, a 38,000-square-foot Antebellum mansion . Read more: Morphics. Cultivation Guide 2021 | Top Q & AIIn addition to these classically designed and well-equipped structures, we also boast amenities such as a 35-hectare lake, nature walking trails, nest house. Hosts events house style on the beach and some gazebos.Lithonian Castle on Greenleaf OWNThey make the most of the wonderful grounds, lakes, and gazebos during the show, creating great backdrops for the film.Bishop James Greenleaf in front of the MansionMany scenes were shot on the front steps and double gates.breakfast on the porch of the plantation house

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Living room Greenleaf Mansion

Greenleaf Mansion living room setFrom what I can tell from my research and by looking at photos of the actual house, the foyer, living room and dining room are all part of the actual mansion and those scenes were shot on location. But I believe the other rooms and the Bedroom Suites are separate sets filmed at Eagle Rock Studios in Atlanta. Cafe.”James and Lady Mae in the living room

Formal dining room

Villa formal dining room and entranceOprah said the only person she ever considered for the formidable matriarchal position of the Mae Greenleaf family was Lynn Whitfield. “The only one!”Greenleaf formal dining roomDeborah Joy Winans plays Charity’s daughter, who sings in the church, she has a naturally powerful voice – her aunts and uncles are BeBe and CeCe Winans.Greenleaf formal dining room


Solarium in Villa Greenleaf

James and Lady Mae’s Suite

Lady Mae and Bishop James Greenleaf's master bedroomProduction designer John Hansen said of designing the sets: “For the Greenleaf mansion itself, it was really about Lady Mae. She’s the creator of that environment, she has great style, but is very focused and very rigid. Everything we do, we clearly focus on her character when it comes to the mansion itself.Greenleaf House main bedroom apartment

Suite of Jacob and Kerissa:

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Grace and Sophia’s Suite:

bedroom in Greenleaf villaThe concept of a rich and influential family, all living under one roof reminds me of Southfork on “Dallas” – but this is so much more. On “Greenleaf”, each family has its own small apartment.Merle Dandridge on Greenleaf OWNSecond porch guests can enjoy from the Bedroom Suites:Grace Greenleaf on the porch second story

Gazebo on the lake

Greenleaf Mansion's gazeboThe show takes place in Memphis, but the house is located in Lithonia, a suburb of Atlanta.The front steps of the mansion on GreenleafBy Architectural Digest: Shot in Lithonia, Georgia’s Allen Institute for Entrepreneurship, the 55,000-square-foot property in the heart of the maelstrom immediately makes it clear that the family that resides within is a formidable family. “The story is that this gentleman built the House as a love letter to his mother, but apparently she passed away before she could move in,” said Merle Dandridge, who plays the daughter. Prodigal girl Grace Greenleaf revealed. Either way, it’s big.)Outdoor Greenleaf House filming location at nightYou are watching “Greenleaf”? Sad that it ended after this season? Well, a spin-off is coming! According to a press release from OWN: “Since the founding of Greenleaf, series creator Craig Wright and executive producer Oprah Winfrey envisioned that the story told by the series produced by Lionsgate and Harpo Films would be spanned five seasons, with Wright contemplating a rotation. These plans were accelerated as fans expressed their support for the show after its final season was announced, reaffirming its ardent fanbase. “However, there is no word yet on what character the film will focus on.House on OWN Greenleaf seriesI took these screenshots while watching “Greenleaf” on Netflix. The fifth season is currently airing on OWN. You can see photos of the mansion on the Allen Institute for Entrepreneurship website and take fun behind-the-scenes video tours of the sets on YouTube. Read more: where to find rabbits in minecraft | Top Q&AV Visit my TV & Movie House page to see others I’ve featured, listed from AZ!

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