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Video Where is the bathroom in Italian Whether you call it a toilet, a toilet, a loo, a WC, a toilet, a throne, a lady’s room, a passageway, a lav, or a bathroom, a few clusters Essential words as you know how to ask where the bathroom equipment is when you’re traveling!Read: Where are the bathrooms in Italy And since public facilities are pretty sparse in Italy, spending a dime (as we say in the UK) can be quite tricky, so you’ll want to keep those phrases in mind. this word in case of emergency! So cut the chase – the easiest way to ask where the restroom is please say Dov’è il bagno per favore? pronounced doh-VEH eel BAH-nyoh per fah-vor-ray? Simple and precise! Read more: warframe where polymer bundles farm | Top Q&A Hopefully the helpful Italian soul you’ve stopped in the street, the cafe or restaurant will take pity on you and give you directions to the facilities but in case they don’t, you also know that A destra means on the right and A sinistra means on the left. Negative phrases you can use also include:

  • Dov’è il toilette for every favorite? pronunciation doh-VEH eel haiy-let per fah-vor-ray?
  • Dov’è il gabinetto for each favorite? pronunciation doh-VEH eel gah-bee-NEHT-toh per fah-vor-ray?
  • Dov’è il WC for each favorite? pronunciation doh-VEH eel voo-chee per fah-vor-ray? (Note: W is pronounced voo-voo in Italian – literally VV – but for some reason it suffices to say swear-chee is actually VC. I don’t know why but it seems to work. ?!)
  • Dove sono I servizi each one’s favorite? where is the service and pronounced doh-veh soh-no ee sir-VEE-tsee per fah-vor-ray?
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Personally I find bagno and toilette the most used and easiest to understand but feel free to choose whichever phrase works for you! Also, while we’re using it, I thought I’d add a few phrases that might be very helpful because you never know what you’ll find when you walk into a loo in Italy! So, if you’re at a loss without a loo, the phrase you need to say to the waiter (assuming there is one!) is Mi scusi ma c ‘ è bisogno di carta igienica nel bagno per favore which means Sorry but no there is toilet paper in the toilet. Its pronunciation is Mee skoo-zee mah chay bee-zon-nyo dee car-tah ee-jen-ee-cah nell bah-nyo per fah-vor-ray! Read more: where is the battery in audi a4 | Top Q&A You can also try Non c’è carta igienica da nessuna parte which means No toilet paper anywhere and pronounced Non vegetarian car-tah ee-jen-ee-ca da neh-soo-nah par -teh. Or can you use tourist attractions to go back and point and say carta igenica to each lover? mean loo paper please? And finally if, as I’ve found in Rome, the toilet is more of… well how can we put this delicately… ..sprung up, you could try something along the lines. the inscription Signora, which means bagno è otturato Ma’am / madam, the toilet is clogged and pronounced See-nyor-rah eel bah-nyo eh oh-too-rah-toh. Good luck with that one!! It is done! If you’re stuck in Italy and die to spend a dime, or more likely a euro, I hope this helps!! If you need any more useful phrases in Italian, go to Italy 101 for more suggestions including how to say hello, happy birthday, please and thank you and do you speak English are not? !! I’m slowly trying to cover all eventualities so if there are any phrases you would particularly like me to mention or any useful phrases over the years that you would like to share, feel free to let me know. Leave me a comment! And in the meantime, your toilet can roll and your room is clean!Useful informationWe say so (!)

  • Always carry tissues or wet wipes with you!
  • There is always change for public vulnerabilities!
  • Museums and galleries often have decent restrooms so take advantage!
  • Never come across a free toilet, you never know when you’ll see another!
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