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The Black Ink Crew series based on VH1’s tattoo parlor hasn’t had Sky in a while, and fans have noticed her absence. Here’s why…The day-to-day happenings of the Harlem, N.Y., tattoo empire spawned an American reality TV series and became popular among hip hop stars. drama for a considerable amount of time and viewers are questioning where she is. Is she suspended or does she walk away of her own choosing? Let’s find out all the reasons behind her passing.Screenshot: Sky’s Baby Daddy Comes Find My Son | Black Ink Crew, VH1 YouTube

Who is the Black Ink Crew’s Sky?

Jakeita “Sky” Days is an aspiring actor and business owner who has set his Instagram location to Los Angeles, USA. A few years ago, she discovered that her real name was actually Jo Keita. | She is 36 years old, a former tattoo artist, who first rose to fame when she appeared on the reality TV series Black Ink Crew. an adopted child, after giving birth to them at a young age.

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Why did Sky leave Black Ink?

  • Sky had a fight that resulted in her being suspended

Reports say she got into an argument with her 19-year-old son Des, when she accused him of stealing from her. Last August, Des and his brother alleged that they only heard from Sky when she wanted them to appear on Black Ink Crew, as Distractify reported.

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Where is the Black Ink Crew’s Sky now?

Sky is moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and production. Since she’s also a business owner, it looks like the former VH1 star is still busy. Read more: Bailey Sarian Net Worth 2021 | Top Q & AH However, a source said her store closed 3 years ago. coming out on Netflix under my production company. I just know I want to get my hands on my *** so much that I never thought I could do it. I am grateful; That’s a lucky thing. The Black Ink Crew favorite is said to be launching a trove of trolling material with streaming platform Netflix.AND GET FREEDOM WITH US INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOKRead more: out where the bus is not running | Top Q&A

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