where do rabbits go in the winter

Say what you will see about the harshness of winters in Michigan, but at least they can be beautiful. The pale evening sky glowed with ghostly purples and blues… the branches kissed the shadow of the new frost… freshly fallen snow covered the ground in a dreamy, perfect and unpolluted snow… Thousands of perfectly spherical pellets cover your yard-wait a second! Rabbits are active year-round, but chances are you tend to notice them more this time of year. For obvious reasons. These chicken pluckers on your lawn are not only gross and annoying, but they can also be destructive. Find out what they want and why it’s a problem, and you’ll be willing to let them stay away.

What they want



Rabbits do not hibernate in the winter, which means they actively forage for food throughout the season. Unlike most winter invaders, rabbits are mostly outside content. Rabbits mainly eat grass and other terrestrial plants. However, after the snow falls, they are often unable to reach the lawn they normally rely on. To survive, they have to be a little less fussy and a lot more creative. Read more: where is the shooting range in fortnite | Top Q&A If you keep rabbits around your yard this winter, it may be because they have found a good food source nearby. For most homes, this food source is ornamental plants whose leaves are tall enough to remain visible even after snowfall. Parasitic trees, stinging shrubs, tall shrubs, twigs, bark, and tree buds all attract hungry rabbits.

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Food is not the only thing that rabbits have to pay special attention to during the winter. The loss of vegetation density means that predators can spot their prey much more easily. Because they don’t hibernate like some wild animals in Michigan winter, rabbits must find places where they can both eat and hide from predators. They’re looking for bushes, evergreens, fortified fences, and pretty much anything that predators can’t see through. Covering doesn’t attract rabbits the way food does, but it’s a secondary consideration. If your home provides a place to eat and hide, chances are the bush’s tails will appear.

Why are they a problem?

A rabbit eats a lot. Feeding rabbits can strip bark, shoots or leaves, and even gnaw bushes to their very roots. Unfortunately, they increase their foraging on shrubs and other trees at an inopportune time. Winter is just as difficult for plants as it is for everything else. When rabbits eat, they often “clamp” on tree trunks such as fruit trees, conifers, and other shrubs. Without a stem, it would be harder for plants to absorb the energy needed to survive and eventually grow. There is also the problem… “waste”. You might not like to see thousands of abandoned rabbit pellets scattered all over your backyard. It’s gross, smelly, and dirty, especially in the spring thaw.

What can you do

Read more: Where does the medina river landHow to protect against rabbits this winterBesides calling your favorite residential pest control professionals in Michigan, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the brigade of rabbits that are filling your yard with soil deposits. And if you’re traveling on holiday, make sure you have a pest-proof identification with your home before you leave. First of all, rabbits are pretty good at weaving under traditional yard fences. Second, fences can actually attract rabbits seeking shelter from predators. If you have problems with rabbits, we recommend selective fencing, whether you already have a backyard fence or not. Make sure your fence extends down to the actual ground, as rabbits can easily get through the snow. You should also consider clearing twigs and fallen leaves from your yard regularly during the winter. Clearing up clutter like this can help make the hungry rabbit in your yard less excited. Pruning your ornamental shrubs in the winter can also help wildlife lose the shelter they’re looking for. Just make sure you don’t go overboard to harm your vulnerable plants the way rabbits can! They don’t try to get into your house, they can’t hurt you, and they’re so cute! You will be surprised at how much pain rabbits can experience during the winter. In addition to making your yard look bad, they can damage your crops or even make your pets sick. Humanitarian exclusion measures like fences won’t hurt them. And they’ll be able to find food elsewhere – trust us. If you have any questions about wildlife or any other pest problems this winter, give Griffin a call anytime. We’ll help you deal with the bad times of winter, so you can come back to find the right items.Read more: where to watch the world series in Chicago | Top Q&A

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