Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away Walkthrough

Here’s a guide to the quest titled Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to learn the best positions, rewards, picks, best results, as well as helpful tips and strategies for completing this quest. Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest La Cage au Fou Where children work hard, toys Throw away alcohol is sacred

Where children work hard, toys waste Location and Reward


Basic information

Quest No 5 Region Quest Toussaint Location Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery, Port Beauclair Previous Quest Previous Quest La Cage au Fou Next Quest Sacred Wine


Gold Reward No Reward Exp Reward 1000 Item Reward None

A guide to where children work hard, waste toys

Goal 1 Use Bootblack during the day. (8am to 8pm) 2 Deal with the thugs harassing Bootblack, then talk to Bootblack. 3 Follow Regis through the city and into the toy store. 4 Investigate objects in the toy store. 5 Removed all dialogue options with Regis.


Objective 2: Negotiate with BootblackWitcher 3 Choice BootblackWhen talking to Bootblack, he will ask you for 500 crowns so he can give you additional information about Dettlaff. You can negotiate with him or use Axii on him so you won’t have to pay extra for the crown. However, if you still pay him the full 500 crowns, this action will count as demonstrating Geralt’s generosity to the Side Quest: There can only be one.

Where kids work hard, waste toys Tips and strategies

Tips required

Toy Store Investigation There are two main objects to check in order to proceed with the quest. Every time you loot one of the important objects, a conversation with Regis will begin. You can choose to respond to Regis any way you want. Here are the two main objects to check:

  • The letter was in a box behind where Regis was standing.
  • Pieces of paper are placed in a corner of the room.
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All Blood and Alcohol Main Quests

No. Task title Suggest a position. Level 1 Envoy, Winemakers’ Settlement 34 2 Beast of Toussaint The Cockatrice Inn, Corvo Bianco, Tourney Grounds, Palace Gardens 35 3 Blood Run Palace Gardens, Beauclair 36 4 La Cage au Fou Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery, Trastamara Estate, Tesham Mutna Ruins 39 5 Children’s Toil, Toys Go to Waste Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery, Beauclair Harbor 42 6 Wines are Beauclair Sacred Palace, Castel Ravello, Fortress Ruins of Astre 42 7 The Man from Cintra Beauclair 43 8 Capture the Castle of the Count de la Croix’s Mill 47 9 The Night of Long Fangs Beauclair 47 10 Beyond Hill and Dale… Land of a Thousand Fables 47 11 Blood Simple La Compassion Orphanage 47 12 What Lies Unseen Cave from Beauclair 47 13 Tesham Mutna Tesham Mutna Ruins 49 14 Pomp and Strange Circumstance Beauclair, Mère -Lachaiselongue Cemetery 49 15 Burlap is the new striped light strip 49 16 Be It Ever So Humble… Corvo Bianco 49View a list of all missons

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