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The hard truth about Helium beer I was wrong – completely wrong. I admit it. I incorrectly asked if skunky beer was this summer’s beer. As it turns out, Helium beer is a real summer must-have. At topqa.info, the number 1 question that pops up in our email inbox is: “Where can I buy helium beer?” We have the answer – but you won’t like it. Read: Where can you buy helium beer

Worldwide demand for Helium beer

We get emails from all over the world asking about helium beer. They read a bit like this:

  • “Must have this!!!! Is it still being worked on?!?! ”
  • “Can I buy this and send it to Australia?”
  • “Really wanted to try this. Are there any retailers in Scotland? ”
  • “Does it make you talk funny?”

So what started the demand for helium beer? At least two major factors are fueling the fire. First, you can thank the people at Stone Brewing Co. about their April 2014 announcement of the Stochasticity Cr(He) am Ale Project with Helium featured in this news release. Rick Blankemeier and Mitch Steele of Stone spend nearly four minutes talking about the profound science of Project Stochasticity Ale in this compelling video. Find a craft breweryBut don’t let Rick and Mitch’s enthusiasm fool you. Go back to news and video releases and see the publication date. Both were released on April 1, 2014. April 1 is April Fools’ Day, and that should be your first big clue about the origins of helium beer. Read more: where to find a snorlax in pokemon go | Top Q&A (LEARN: Over 75 popular craft beer styles) The second (and most viral) factor driving demand for helium beer is a video from Die BierProbierer titled “Testing Helium Beer”. The video shows two men believed to be sipping helium beer with a dramatic change in their voices after drinking the drink. The “Helium Beer Experiment” video has been replicated by dozens of Facebook video publishers worldwide – most likely, that’s where you first saw it. But if you look at the original publication date on the YouTube video, you’ll see it’s April 1. At this point, you’re probably catching the point we’re about to make: Helium beer is a joke. April Fool’s Day, and so are you, my friend. But take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. The joke is so believable that it even caught the eye of urban legend website Snopes. The Snopes team tested and discovered a similar joke of Boston Beer in the form of beer “HeliYUM”. Snopes concluded that the helium beer was just a cloud of hot gas. (MORE: What is Craft Beer?)

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Why can’t get Helium beer

If you still don’t believe us, let’s take a look at the science behind helium beer. Read more: Buying guide to tofu | Top Q & AStone’s Rick Blankemeier, one of the people responsible for hyping demand for this fictional style of beer, tells us there are three reasons why helium beer isn’t scientifically viable. The reason is:

  • Helium is insoluble in water (or beer in this case). You can’t carbonate beer with helium like you can with carbon dioxide or nitrogen.
  • Liquid helium cannot be added because it goes from liquid to gas at -220°F. You will end up freezing your beer.
  • Even if you could somehow add helium to the beer, it would cause spitting because again, helium doesn’t dissolve in the beer.
  • “I can make money if I can somehow violate the laws of thermodynamics and physical chemistry to put helium in the beer.” Rick Blankemeier, Stone Brewing “Who knew this would capture people’s imaginations?” Blankemeier said. “I guess I could make money if I could somehow violate the laws of thermodynamics and physical chemistry to put helium in the beer.” (READ: NE IPA is now considered the official beer style) So the top beer hoax of April 2014 became a trending beer style — and that sort of thing. We know you’re disappointed you can’t afford it. Did you indulge in any of these 2017 beer jokes? One of our favorites is the Pale-Ale-Waist Diet from the editors at topqa.info, our sister site. As you watch the video, you’ll understand why this fictional beer story is the one we really wish existed – yes, even more so than helium. Read more: DeJ Loaf

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