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Want to make your own bath products but don’t know where to buy citric acid to make bath bombs? This post explains everything you need to know about citric acid.Read: Where Can I Buy Citric Acid One of the most common questions I get since I post about homemade beauty products is where to buy citric acid for bath bombs. Unless you come from a family that canned their own food, citric acid sounds like something out of a chemistry classroom rather than an ingredient you want to bathe in. Citric acid is actually a very common ingredient in bath products. Let’s explore what it is, it’s used in bath products, and where to buy citric acid for bath bombs.

But first, a warning


My stress levels were at an all-time high when I first got the idea of ​​a bath bomb. I used essential oils, so the idea of ​​​​creating these bubbly bath bombs creates relaxing or invigorating scents that sound like heaven! I first made Peppermint bath bombs with the help of my two boys. It was like a science experiment when we mixed the ingredients together when the smell of mint filled my kitchen. grand finale of bubbles and foam in their evening bath. They get excited about picking up a bath bomb every night, dropping it into a full tub of water and watching it bubble up until it disappears. Read more: Double hazard warnings are filmed where you can use them! Check out this kids bath bomb tutorial if you want to make them your own batch. affiliate link. This means that if you make a purchase using my link, I will get you free compensation. I only recommend products or services that I personally use and/or believe will add value to the reader. Read my full disclosure policy to learn more.

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What is Citric Acid?

Before we jump right into buying citric acid for bath bombs, let’s talk about what it is. The word acid can give a red flag, but citric acid is a common food additive. This is a weak acid used to preserve foods, add sourness to foods, as an emulsifier and even to descale hard water. Canned foods, baked goods, prepackaged fruits and vegetables, and even baby food.

Is citric acid safe?

Citric acid is generally considered a harmless additive. It will have the same effect on your skin as vinegar or lemon juice when used to its fullest. A small amount diluted in bath products should not cause concern. Read the science behind it here.

Why do you need citric acid for bath bombs?

The short answer is that you don’t need citric acid for a bath bomb, but using it will leave you feeling more refreshed. Discover the science behind it all on this Scientific American post about chemical reactions in bath bombs.

Is there a substitute for citric acid powder?

Try these alternatives if you don’t want to use citric acid or don’t have any available:

  • Lemonade
  • Cream of tartar
  • Corn flour

Note that these alternatives give you less (or sometimes not). If you don’t mind the lack of foam, here’s a tutorial on how to make a cornstarch vaporizer.

Where to buy citric acid for bath bombs – locally

You can buy citric acid at many local grocery stores, chain stores, or craft stores. Look for citric acid at Target, Walmart, or similar stores in the canning section. You’ll find citric acid at Michael’s or other craft stores in the soap making section. When I shop locally, the most common brand I find is Ball citric acid in a 7.5-ounce container. Buying citric acid locally is handy when you’re short on time, but you’ll usually find better prices when you buy in bulk online.

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Where to buy citric acid for bath bombs – online

Search for citric acid in bulk on Amazon. You’ll find any bag from 4 ounces to 10 pounds. Everything you need to know about citric acid for bath bombs. You don’t even have to dust off your old high school chemistry textbook. Read more: Filmed in Covington: Footloose 2011 | Top Q&A

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