what is outbound message in salesforce

Outgoing mail in Salesforce


Outgoing salesforce is a type of action that sends information to an endpoint (External Service) in XML (Extensible Markup Language). It is used to send object field data to your third party application to perform the specific action required. It also plays a huge role in Salesforce Integration with any other application. You can send out messages using workflow, authorization, or approval. The best thing about outgoing mail is that you don’t need to write any vertex code but can generate it with simple tap and tap. When you send any message to an endpoint, it receives information about the data in the fields that we are sending in the outgoing message in XML form. You can use topqa.info which will give you an endpoint to use and you can get the XML there. Read: what is outgoing message in salesforce.

Learn the Outgoing Salesforce flow from below:

In the image above, we can see how outbound messaging actually works in the sales force.

Read more: Types of Security Threats | Q&A First Sign in to a Salesforce Organization represented by a User Session, then Apply a Workflow Rule on any object you choose, setting the outgoing message as the workflow action. This outgoing message will process through the internet and access the endpoint URL but not that endpoint will make the change in other application. But it will get confirmation as Soap Response. So it’s all about the flow of the outgoing message.

Steps to create outgoing messages in the sales force:

  • Go to Setup Click Quick Search Bar and Enter Workflow Rules
  • Click New Rule
  • Select Audience from the drop-down menu, then click next
  • Enter the rule name
  • Set Rule Criteria rather than clicking Save & Next
  • Under Add Workflow Action, select New Outgoing
    • Enter the Name of the outgoing message.
    • Unique name won’t autofill but still, you can give your custom name for this field but make sure there will be no space between two words, you can use underscore (_) instead blank space.
    • Description is an Optional Field, you can provide a description if you want.
    • In the endpoint URL field Enter the endpoint URL of the recipient who will receive the message.
    • Select user to send using from search option.
    • Check for Protected Components if necessary.
    • Tick ​​Send Session-Id if you want to send session id in message.
    • Select the Available Fields of your selected object and add it
    • Selected fields by clicking Add.
    • Now click Save.
    • Click Done.
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    Note: Before using a URL in an outgoing message endpoint, make it Trusted by adding it to your Remote Site Settings. Please follow the steps below to add a URL in Remote Site Settings.

  • Go to settings
  • Type Remote Site Settings into the Quick Search Box.
  • Click New Remote Site in Remote Site Settings.
  • Set your own custom site name in the Remote Site Name field.
  • Paste the URL into the remote site URL field.
  • Check Disable protocol security if you want, otherwise keep it Unchecked as it is optional.
  • Give a description (Optional).
  • The Make Sure Works check box is selected.
  • Click Save.
  • The Send by Outgoing Message message is shown below:

    Read more: What is self-mitigation damage in League of Legends? | Top Q&ASalesforce outgoing messagesTips for reminders:If You use the Endpoint provided by topqa.info when you monitor the delivery status of a message as undeliverable and you will see a message in the Next Section to send. It will always be there in the queue until your endpoint returns this XML file: true Logically this is not possible if you just use requestbin URL and you will get Repeated POST Request. To get rid of this, go to Outgoing Message Monitoring and Remove the message from the Next Item For Delivery Queue. Read more: What does it mean to be on a car

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