The Significance of Film Form

Video What is a MovieAppearance in the movie

  • Artwork signals us to perform a particular activity. Don’t play along and pick cues, artwork Still just an artifact. (A painting uses color, lines, and other techniques to invite us to imagine the depicted space or to zoom the eye through the composition in a certain direction.)
  • In any system, a group of factors influence each other (if our heart fails, our whole body is in danger)
  • Film form means the overall system of relationships that we can perceive between the elements in the whole film.
  • Style elements using different film techniques.
  • Color identifies prominent landmarks, such as in Kansas (the black and white and the yellow brick road in Wizard of Oz.
  • Camera movements call our attention to the action of the story.
  • Music is used to describe certain characters and situations.

Appearance vs ContentRead: what is the film form

  • Every element acts as part of an overall pattern that engages the viewer.

Convention and ExperienceLooks and Feels

  • Emotions are expressed interactively as an overall system of the film.
  • Emotional responses are also related to form (In TWO, we found Land of Oz more appealing than Kansas. But since the film’s form makes us identify with Dorothy in her desire to go home, we do. I felt very satisfied when she finally returned to Kansas.)
  • Delayed fulfillment of expectations (nervousness) can create anxiety or sympathy.

Form and Meaning

  • Reference meaning – an allusion to specific pieces of knowledge previously shared outside of the film that viewers expect to recognize.
  • Explicit meaning – meaning expressed openly, often in language, and often near the beginning or end of the film.
  • Latent meaning – that is, the implicit left, for the viewer to discover when analyzing or reflecting.
  • Symptomatic Meaning – the meaning the film reveals, often “against its will”, due to its historical or social context.
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Evaluationo Personal taste need not be the sole basis for judging the quality of a film.Principles of film formSince film form is a system, there must be some principle that helps create relationships between the parts.Same and repeat – Help us understand movies– We must be able to recall and identify characters and settings each time they reappear.– We can observe repetitions from everything such as dialogue, music, character behavior, camera placement, and story action.Motif– Any important repeating elements in the movieDifference and change– A film cannot be relied upon solely on its repetition; there must also be changes or variations but small.– This breaks the repetition (AAAA) and makes it more interesting (ABACBA) Read more: What is a steel belt radiusEvolution– Constitutes several patterns of similar and different elements.– The progression moves from beginning to middle to end.– In The wizard of oz: there is a journey, a quest, mystery and segmented (segmented plot).Unity and Disunity– When all the relationships that we notice in a movie are clear and economically intertwined, we say that the film has unity.– Solidarity movies are called tight because it seems to be. there is no gap in official ties.– However, there is hardly any film as tight as without leaving a dangle. For example, in the wizard of oz, the witch alludes to her attacking Dorothy and her friends with insects, however, we never see them and that gets confusing. The witches like on the attack now lack motivation. More notably: we never found out what would happen to Miss Gulch.– We should expect that even a unified movie might still contain a few unintegrated elements or sentences. question unanswered. Read more: What is the zodiac for feb 14.

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