What Is a “Dime” in the NBA?

When it comes to basketball, it’s not always clear how some of the terms they use came about. A good example of this is why the Golden State Warriors are nicknamed “the Dubs,” but this isn’t the only confusing term in basketball. , there’s a good chance that at some point during the TV show you’ll hear announcers say a player is “dropping a penny” or some similar variation of that sentence. You may also sometimes see references in advertisements to basketball players. To those unfamiliar with what it means, it sounds strange and out of place – and chances are you have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.

What does the “coin” refer to in basketball?

“A penny” in basketball is like a assist. For the uninitiated, assist in shooting occurs when a player makes a pass to a teammate that results in that teammate shooting. By making a pass to a teammate, the player “assisted” in the shooting. Read more: What is a batter Normally, an assist is recorded when a teammate passes the ball and the teammate then shoots and shoots without dribbling, but this is not a hard rule to establish . Although this is the case most of the time, there are several assessments involved when looking at whether a support has been made. For example, a player who passes to a teammate running towards the basket and that teammate dribbles once while continuing the cut towards the basket will be assisted even if the player has already dribbled. game. Assists are one of the big four stats (assists, scores, steals and blocks) that are calculated in each match. They are also noted for their career level as well as career support. This stat is very important and valued in basketball because setting up teammates with good passes can lead to easier shots than players trying to score for themselves.

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Why is a support called a coin?

The origin of the basketball aid known as the coin is still unknown. There are many different theories, but the most popular one is that it dates back to times when pay phones were available across the US. When pay phones were the most popular (long before cell phones were the norm), to make a phone call cost only a penny. If a person needs to make a phone call, he or she will usually ask, “does anyone have any coins?” In this sense, “paying a dime” or giving someone a dime is helping someone make a phone call. Most people believe that this phrase eventually carried over to the NBA for helping teammates shoot. content when used in other cases. For example, “dropped a dime” is a way to label someone as a bad guy or someone to tell someone else. Again, the reference to making a phone call is used as when someone tells (calls) the authorities to report that someone has broken the law, thus making them suffer. “Turn on a dime”, “fall a dime” and “stop on a dime”. All these phrases refer to accuracy, doing it quickly and without hesitation – all characteristics of most assists in basketball. A quick pass to the right spot to a teammate will assist that teammate to score. (Image provided by Voldy Morton) Read more: What if you have extra guests in a vrbo

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