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Key Difference: The difference between both is in picture quality and theater, where IMAX 3D theater provides outstanding brightness and clarity for 3D images, while traditional 3D theater offers provide an image that moves towards or away from the viewer. are 2D cinemas, which provide 2D image resolution and there are 3D cinemas, which are known to provide 3D resolution and effects to the viewer. The illusion of 3D depth is derived from a projection using linear polarization; On the other hand, IMAX is the latest technology that works on a film-based moving picture format that usually provides high image resolution. These are the newest cinemas, working on advanced polarization principle, and coming soon, and provide real 3D effect along with virtual and real visual quality and effects.Reading comprehension: what is the difference between 3d and imax 3d IMAX 3D cinemas have an extremely large circular screen, enabling viewers to have lifelike moving images. ‘IMAX’ simply means Maximum Picture, is a motion picture film format and a set of theatrical standards developed by the Canadian company IMAX Corporation. IMAX is capable of displaying images with a much larger size and resolution than other 3D cinemas. IMAX 3D theaters operate on their dedicated projectors, delivering 3D images with brighter and clearer quality. A true IMAX 3D movie consists of two separate images projected onto a special silver-coated IMAX 3D screen at the same time. The viewing points are segregated in these theaters, i.e. the 3D IMAX glasses separate the image, so that the left and right eyes, each see a different angle of view. The shape of the theater is built in such a way that the viewer can view the whole picture or movie from all directions.What is the difference between | Descriptive and comparative analysis3D cinema has existed since 1915; they came back in the 2000s and became important. 3D theater is a traditional 3D cinema, operating entirely on Stereoscopic 3D glasses. These glasses add realistic motion and visual effects to scenes and make it possible for viewers to view images from any direction. Most 3D glasses are polarizing lenses that capture alternate slightly displaced images that are projected onto the screen. 3D movies look real when viewed in 3D theaters. 3D cinemas work on the principle of 3D and polarization. 3D film is a moving image that enhances the illusion of depth perception. 3D movies became increasingly successful throughout the 2000s, culminating in the unprecedented success of the 3D screenings of Avatar in December 2009 and January 2010. In comparison, IMAX 3D have advantages over traditional 3D cinemas, as they offer both 3D effects along with enhanced picture quality. The screen shape is different in both theaters, i.e. IMAX 3D has a large circular screen that provides full motion and visual effects of the picture, while 3D screen is a normal theater screen viewed by 3D stereoscopic glasses. Picture and movie quality also varies from theater to theater, i.e. IMAX 3D is known to provide enhanced and complementary audio-video quality. In the case of 3D cinemas, they provide realistic viewing and motion effects along with their audio-video quality. 3D theaters provide images as if they are moving towards the viewer, while in IMAX 3D, the viewer feels as if they are actually present in the relevant scene of the image or movie. Comparison between IMAX 3D and 3D:IMAX 3DRead more: What is a Frat Party3DMaximum image 3D3 Dimensions as of March 2 ,IMAX uses a polarizing lens system in which two images are superimposed slightly off-centre from each other on the screen using a projector with a filter polarization.3D works on the concept of mechanical direction, projecting two slightly off-centre images onto an interlaced screen at imperceptibly high speeds. The main effect resulting from the 3D Depth Illusion comes from a projection that uses linear polarization of the left and right images of the film (one image for each eye). 3D projection hardware and/or eyeglasses are used to provide the Illusion of Depth when viewing movies. n produces effects, but not to the extent that IMAX 3D can provide. Read more: What does sushi taste like

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