What Does Soft Swap Mean When It Comes To Swinging?

Establishing specific rules is one way to make swinging more comfortable for you and your partner, especially if you’re hesitant to try the unethical monogamy. One thing you can try to see if you like the swing is soft swaps In swing trading, you have hard swaps (or full swaps) and soft swaps. Hard exchanges include all types of sexual activity, including intercourse. But soft exchanges will prevent penetration, which often includes hand stimulation, flirting, caressing, kissing, and potentially oral sex. typically a guy, but not always) while your crush is hanging out with that guy’s partner. In some cases, women (or men!) discover members of the same sex in front of their partners. But the ultimate trade-off is about swapping partners. Some people easily trade off by soft swap. They may want to test the water to see if they can really do it without any feelings of jealousy or negativity. They can then switch to a hard swap if they feel comfortable. Gentle exchanges allow you to test the water, and if you’re swinging, you’ll likely find yourself craving more. a soft swap to gauge their counterpart’s interest. You can encourage your partner to be reluctant to try something new if sex doesn’t work at all.

Swinging Terms


soft swapKnowing some other swing terms can help you get involved in the lifestyle (a term used to refer to people who are sexually open and enjoy swinging). Including

  • GG: girl-girl
  • Roommates: Full swap in the same room
  • Bulls: a man endowed with an interest in casual sex
  • Unicorn: a single woman in lifestyle
  • Hall ticket: have the right to play without your partner
  • Tri-sexuality: a person who will try anything once
  • Nude adventure: a code word for lifestyle
  • Back: sex without a condom
  • No premise: when sexual activity takes place in a location other than the event, such as a hotel room
  • On the basis of: sexual activities taking place at the event
  • Party at home: swing party at someone’s house
  • Meet & greet: an event to meet other swingers
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Of course, each swing community may have its own terms and variations.

Softer Exchanges and Safer Sex

Gentle partner exchanges help reduce the risks associated with sex. The big ones are:

  • Pregnancy
  • STIs transmission

You may not worry about those risks with a monogamous faithful partner, but swinging will expose you to those risks. If you decide to dip your toes into the swing, you may have to reevaluate the role condoms play in your sex life to reduce your risks. Of course, without penetration the risk of pregnancy is much smaller. That’s because kissing, oral sex, and even skin-to-skin contact can spread infections and viruses. For example, the HPV virus is spread by skin contact while herpes can be spread through kissing or oral sex. Using a toothpick alongside soft swaps is one way to practice safer sex as a swinger. But you can only minimize the risk so far.

Jealousy and swinging

Just as STIs can still be a problem during soft swaps, so can envy be hiding behind its ugly head. If you’re not secure enough or comfortable with the idea of ​​swinging, it doesn’t matter if your partner just knocks someone else down. Some people choose to work through jealousy to continue the swinger’s lifestyle. Others argue that swinging until they can build a stronger foundation. Non-marriage isn’t for everyone, and you shouldn’t feel you have to. If your partner is pushing you into swinging and using the fact that it’s just a gentle swap as a defense, you’re not going to feel good about it. It might be time to quit swinging and your partner.Related: When to Break Up with Someone Feelings about swinging, even if you want a soft swap, can get complicated. You can simultaneously be excited by the idea but also feel insecure. You may want to like the idea but actually breed feelings of jealousy or even resentment if your partner loses it more than you do. Learn more about persuasion. It is essential that you be honest – with your partner and with yourself. You can admit it if you’re nervous. Your partners can help quell those fears if they can. Or you may find that a gentle swap isn’t something you’re willing to do at this point in your life. Or you can become complacent in your own hurts and open to your partner who won’t be any wiser about your true feelings. Learn how open marriages work. That’s exactly why soft swaps are a great first step for so many couples. But how you manage those emotions can help you transform or scar you for life. It’s smart to let your partner know how you feel before you jump in. To be satisfied with the situation, both of you will have to describe your desires and hesitations. There is a lot of reassurance and checks. While swinging may not be for everyone, the communication skills you build, especially sexually, are invaluable to any partner. Learn how to talk about sex effectively. Read this if you want to know how to make your indulgent lifestyle work.

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When you go away

soft swap v full swapImagine you are fooling around with someone. You’re in a different state of undressing, and things are definitely hot and heavy. It is quite easy to carry. You mean stop before penetration, but next thing you know, you’re riding someone to orgasm. He may have gotten stuck in uncooperative activities while you had sex with a new partner, even though you’ve both said it’s not on the table. Or you can find a way to pause your seduction periods before they lead to actual sex. But this is a real risk of soft swaps in some situations. One such definition is to have sex with a swinging partner only when your romantic partner is in the same room. But this idea goes against the basic idea of ​​soft swaps: no penetration. Another variation is when you have sex with your partner with other people in the same room. It’s more exhibitionism than reality swing because you’re still having sex with the person you’re traveling with. It is true that different couples and communities may implement different versions of soft swaps. This is why it’s so important to set your boundaries, both when negotiating with your swing partner and when determining what’s okay when you and your partner decide to try swinging. . So you’re probably okay with finger penetration or a toy, but not with penile vaginal sex. Some couples are okay except for a kiss on the mouth, which is an intimate activity that they dedicate to their loved one. the number of partners you have. Some people hear this term and bail because they are only interested in hard swaps, including penetrative sex. They consider soft swaps to be inferior to hard swaps, however, weeding out potential couples who don’t respect your wishes will leave you with people who will respect your wishes. Those potential partners can enjoy a fun and glamorous time with you, and you may find yourself enjoying a perpetual swing!

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