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You can enable/disable touch key light on Galaxy Note 4

Similar to all previous Galaxy Note and Galaxy S phones, the Galaxy Note 4 has 2 capacitive touch keys on each side of the home button, the touch key to the right of the home button is the back or back key. . The left key is called the recent apps key which shows recently opened apps Read: what is the touch key’s brightness duration By default, when you touch either touch key, both keys will light. This can be embarrassing when you’re trying to respond to an urgent message in a movie theater, where during the day you rarely need a guiding light. Lighting time is too long, on Galaxy Note 4, you can now turn the touch key light on and off to save battery. light and how to access new touch key light settings in Galaxy Note 4

How to enable/disable touch key light on Galaxy Note 4?

Read more: what is the hybridization of bromine in brf3 | Top Q & AIn Galaxy Note 4, the touch key light on / off switch and the duration setting are below Settings — Display and Wallpaper.You can go to Settingclap Screens and wallpapers. Tap Touch key brightness duration. Then you have 4 options (just like other Galaxy devices):

  • 1.5 seconds. This means that the touch key light is on and it will go off after 1.5 seconds. This is the default setting.
  • 6 seconds.
  • Always off. This option basically turns off the touch key light. The touch key will never be illuminated. This setting will not be overwritten by any other settings.
  • Always. This option will permanently turn on the touch key light. It is NOT recommended for most owners.
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    I didn’t turn off the touch key light, but both keys don’t light on Galaxy Note 4. Why?

    Out of the 4 options mentioned above, in older Galaxy devices none of them can be overridden by other settings. However, in the Galaxy Note 4, Options 1,2 and 4 can be overridden by power saving mode.So this explains why your touch key light is off even when your settings are on. You can adjust this setting at Settings-Energy SaverRead more: What is soccer action In the Battery saver page, tap Battery saver mode, tap Limited performance. You can now uncheck Disable touch key light (it’s selected by default. determined). This will turn on the touch key light when power saving mode is on. Of course, you can turn off performance limiting entirely.turn_off_on_touch_key_light_on_Galaxy_Note_4_settings_power_savingturn_off_on_touch_key_light_on_Galaxy_Note_4_power_saving_mode_onturn_off_on_touch_key_light_on_Galaxy_Note_4_restrict_performanceturn_off_on_touch_key_light_on_Galaxy_Note_4_turn_off_touch_key_light If you have any problem or question about Galaxy Note 4 touch key light, let us know your question about setting touch key light on Galaxy Note 4 in the comment box below. We will try to help you find the answer/solution.For other Galaxy Note 4 issues, please see our Galaxy Note 4 how-to page.Read more: Charlie brown Christmas what Lucy wants

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