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“A Void-based radioactive source decays every day, it’s gone”Reading: where does warframe get argon crystals

Argon Crystals


Crystals from this void are a bit difficult to find. And, if you know how to farm Argon Crystals, then you must know that you should only farm them when necessary. Crystals are needed for a lot of Weapons and War Frames as well as a vital resource for crafting Larger Lenses. Be aware that Argon Crystals decompose after 24 hours. Therefore, you should only farm as much as you need.

Where is Argon Crystal Farm?

The best place to farm Argon Crystals is in the Void as this is considered the only place to get them in advance. Today players have many other ways to farm Argon Crystals, such as performing the Isolation Vault in Deimos.Also Read: Orokin Cell Culture


1) Ani Void

ACF-5Read more: Oh where’s my hairbrush Ani is the lowest survival mission that can be done in Void, making it easier for players to handle enemies and giving them a chance to stay longer to kill enemies to obtain the Argon Crystal. you will only get Argon Crystals, but you will also get other resources that may be useful in the future. It will drop when you kill Argon Pegmatites which can be found while roaming around the map. It’s important to remember that this is a map in the Void and enemies can be quite strong for new players, making it easier in a group along with the fact that multiplayer spawns more enemies.Also Read: How to Farm Nerve

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2) Ukko (Nowhere)

ACFU 1Those who prefer to run faster can use the Ukko catch quest which is also included in the Void and can be completed within a minute or two. This can be seen as an easy way to get Argon Crystals, especially since players using Warframe can clear an area quickly and move quickly around the map to scan areas. Not only is it considered one of the best ways to farm Argon Crystals, Ukko is also great for raising relics that players can use to equip main gear.

3) Oxomoco (Void)

ACFU-2Those who prefer killing to looting can join Oxomoco, an extermination quest within the Void. While on a kill mission, the player can roam around looking for crates to open for an extra chance of obtaining Argon Crystals.Payment procedures: All instructional resources here


  • Void is the main slot when it comes to Argon Crystals, but you can still get them in Deimos by doing Isolation Vault Bounties and getting loot from unlocking vaults.
  • Argon Crystals will expire over time (about 24 hours after obtained) and it is wise to farm them last and only when you are about to craft an item, otherwise they may expire and labor Yours may be wasted.
  • The drop rate of Argon Crystals is quite low, but players can get lucky sometimes, especially when there are Warframes like Nekros or Hydroid on the team for extra loot.
  • You can check the expiration time of your Argon Crystals by looking at them in your inventory to see how long you have before you lose them.
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Argon Crystals are rare resources that are sometimes difficult to obtain, but they can be easily obtained when multiple players participate in a Void survival quest. They are not wasted. There are Argon Crystal Decorations that can be purchased for 5 Platinum and Pegmatite Argon Decorations that can be purchased for 20 Platinum but these are not usable and use-only resources. for display. Read more: How to watch. ‘Channel Zero’ Free Online | Top Q&A

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