Witcher 3: Adrenaline Points and Special Attacks Explained

Witcher 3 offers many abilities to help you overcome Temeria and Skellige’s monsters, but one of the more confusing abilities is adrenaline points and special attacks. We’ll show you how they work and how you can use them to your advantage the next time you fight monsters.

What is the Adrenaline Score in Witcher 3?


Simply put, Adrenaline Points are a resource you accumulate in combat, which you can then use or spend to power certain abilities. That’s why they seem useless at first – all abilities they are used for must be unlocked as Geralt levels up, which means for a while at least your adrenaline points won’t have any effect. what use for you.

How to get Adrenaline Points

Adrenaline points are accumulated each time you attack an enemy and gradually lose them when you don’t attack anything. They are marked on your screen by the little red bar below your fitness, and as you fight an enemy you will see it build up.Adrenaline acts as fuel for some abilities in combat. | Joel Franey/USgamer, CD Projekt RedAbilities – mainly those in the battle tree – can increase the rate at which you gain Adrenaline Points, which means that as you get stronger you’ll be able to start filling up that bar is faster.

How to Use Adrenaline Points

There is no surefire way to use Adrenaline Points, as so many skills use them in different ways. Depending on the abilities you have unlocked, they can prevent you from dying, increase magic power, unlock new moves, or increase your chances of instantly killing an enemy. They are more like a battle currency than anything, obtained through killing and spendable on all matters of combat advantage. Look through your character’s skill trees to see what abilities you have linked to them, and if you don’t, look around to see what abilities you will have and what you want.

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What are special attacks?

There are two special attacks in Witcher 3, though both must be purchased as skills to use them. You can activate this by holding down the light attack button once you’ve unlocked and equipped it in the character menu. While it doesn’t take stamina or adrenaline to use this ability at first, continuing to hold the button and spin in circles will start taxing both of these before that, meaning you can’t keep it forever. forever. The two-handed chopper takes a while to charge, using full stamina, but ignoring the target’s defenses, and with damage increased by the adrenaline Geralt has stored at that moment. You can activate it by holding down the heavy attack buttons.witcher 3 adrenaline skills 1Different abilities use adrenaline in different ways, as seen by holding the pointer over them in the character menu. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red If this makes things clearer for you, why not check out our guide on how to revive Geralt, just in case you missed out on getting special attacks that difference? Or you can always see how to use a crossbow like a pro at our guide here.

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