warframe where to find orokin cells

This resource is what you need to craft weapons, war frames, etc. Orokin cells are quite rare and most planets won’t have. Only three planets have this resource in their drop table. Read: warframe where to find orokin cells You can farm Orokin cells by doing quests where they can be dropped. Kill enemies in the missions you get on those planets, or target specific bosses that drop this resource. Try out missions on Ceres like Seimeni or Gabii, or farm for Saturn’s General Sargus Ruk.

Orokin cell culture


Ceres, Derelict, and Saturn are the three planets where you can get Orokin Cells. Progress through the game to reach Ceres.Orokin Cell Farming Then you can look for general Ruk on Saturn, otherwise stay at Ceres. The reason for this is that Saturn and Ceres offer easier tasks. Here are the planting sites you should try:

#1 Saturn (Tethys): Sargas Ruk . Farm

This assassination mission involves targeting General Sargas Ruk. Many veteran players already knew he would definitely drop Orokin Cells when he died, so Tethys be considered best place to farm for Orokin Cells.Orokin Cell Cultivation - General Sargas RukGrowing Orokin Cells – General Sargas Ruk Read more: Where to find clay in Minecraft You can also find Orokin Cells Array, which contains Orokin Cells. this.

#2 Ceres (Gabii): Dark Sector: Survival

Go to Gabii on Ceres for another chance to get Orokin Cells. This is a good choice if you have frames that can force enemies to drop loot. Orokin Cells Early in Warframe? Look at Ceres in this case, because it comes after Mars and when you first hit the road it’s easy to get to. on Ceres.

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#3 Ceres (Semieni): Dark Sector: Defense

This is a defense quest that allows you to find Orokin Cells. You’re pitted against infectious hordes and they’ll all quickly move towards the defensive target, which allows you to kill them with relative ease and then they’ll drop Orokin Cells. Orokin Cells.Read more: Where the Heart Is Walkthrough & Guide | First Q&A This isn’t the fastest way to get resources, but it’s a viable alternative if you want a beginner’s spot. It’s also good for getting Credits.

#4 Orokin Derelict Survival: Derelict

There is a possibility to get Orokin Cells when doing this quest. Other derelict quests include Neurods, Nano Spores, and Mutagen Mass. Do this quest in Derelict as there are a lot of spawning enemies. After the first spin, you can leave at any time. It’s not the fastest way to get Orokin Cells but it’s still worth it, especially since you can also gather other resources.


Saturn is the most popular choice of the three planets, because of Tethys’ mission. Also, there are a lot of Cell Arrays you can get there between quests. the dropdown but doesn’t have any Dark Sector quests, so it’s probably not worth bothering unless you’re looking for other resources as well. Cells. You can also buy Orokin cell blueprints from the market. This will cost 100 Platinum. Because Orokin Cells are easy to farm, it’s not really worth considering this purchase.

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